Haibike AllTrack is a range of entry-level hardtail electric mountain bikes that will leave an impression on any mountain bike rider, regardless of their prior experience riding electric. The motor and battery combine to give a powerful boost that will make climbs and extended flat sections easier, freeing up your energy to focus on the descents and technical sections.

We’ve written this blog post to round up various questions people are asking online about the Haibike AllTrack. After reading you should have the information you need to decide whether this bike is the right bike for you.

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What is the Haibike AllTrack?

The Haibike AllTrack is a versatile range of hardtail electric mountain bikes, with a range of builds designed to meet the needs of riders with varying levels of experience. The bikes are designed and made in Germany, and each model brings the brand’s impressive electric track record to the MTB discipline.

The AllTrack builds on a sturdy aluminium frame with a Bosch or Yamaha battery and drive unit, Shimano gears and a suite of other components to deliver an exciting and reliable ride. Since its inception, the AllTrack has garnered positive feedback from cyclists – as summarised by this review from MBR.co.uk: “of the three e-bike longtermers I’ve had to date, the Haibike is by far my favourite.”

Does the Haibike AllTrack have suspension?

Yes, as you’d expect from a hardtail mountain bike, the AllTrack has front fork suspension with 120mm of travel: enough to absorb bumps and shocks from uneven terrain. The electric assist is resilient enough to handle all the bumps and feedback you’ll encounter on mountain trails.

What motors do Haibike use?

The Haibike AllTrack range uses either Bosch or Yamaha motors. Depending on the model you go for, you’ll find one of the following:

  • Bosch, Performance Line Gen3 60, 250W, 75Nm
  • Yamaha PW-S2, 250W, 75Nm

The battery varies between models, too, with the following options:

  • Bosch PowerTube, 500Wh
  • InTube, 720Wh

Haibike Alltrack Electric Mountain Bike Controls

What is the range of a Haibike AllTrack?

The claimed range of the Bosch PowerTube 500Wh is around 130 miles, but the exact distance you’ll get from a full charge depends on a variety of factors like terrain, gradients, and so on.

What is the top speed of a Haibike?

The top speed for the electric assist is 15.5mph or 28kmph. This is the maximum assist speed allowed by UK law, meaning you’ll find the same cap on all electric bikes.

In terms of top speed without electric assist, that’s up to you!

How heavy is a Haibike AllTrack?

While the weight varies between models and frame size, the motor and battery weight are consistent across the range:

  • Motor weight: 2.85kg or 3.2kg
  • Battery weight: 3kg or 3.7kg

The maximum system weight (i.e. bike, rider and cargo) is 120kg.

Haibike Alltrack Electric Mountain Bike Battery

Where are Haibikes made?

Haibike bikes are made in Schweinfurt, Germany - the same city where the brand was founded in 1995. Originally manufactured in the name of Winora, their parent brand, Haibikes soon gained enough popularity to be manufactured under their own name.

Is Haibike a good make?

The AllTrack is a popular bike with a design that appeals to entry level mountain bikers and beyond.

The brand’s impressive heritage also contributes to the appeal: Haibike revealed their eQ XDURO at the 2010 Eurobike show, making waves and generating a large amount of interest in mountain bikes with electric components – something that hadn’t really been done before.

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength: winning the first iF award in 2011, creating the first 29" eMTB, providing the bike for the longest eBike tour in history, and more.

Riding a Haibike not only gives you a solid bike to ride, it also lets you tap into this exciting and innovative history.

Haibike Alltrack Electric Mountain Bike History

Find out more about the Haibike AllTrack

The Haibike AllTrack is a range of electric mountain bikes from a manufacturer with a long and impressive eBike track record. This model looks to open up electric assisted mountain biking to entry-level riders and experienced riders alike, and has proved popular since its launch.

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