Transformative and era defining, the summer of 1967 was a seismic cultural event. The massing of a group of people searching for new ways of exploration and fresh means of expression, the hippy mantra of individuality produced lifestyles as well as fashion and became the root for the raft of counter cultures. 50 years down the line, what better brand to pay tribute to the movement than Black Sheep Cycling?

Always aspiring to stand out from the flock, Black Sheep Cycling are brave in the sheer boldness of their designs, and their limited edition releases time and again prove this to be the case. The latest offering from this Australian brand draws on the summer of ‘67 and features a collection of full kit combinations, socks, caps and shirts.

Black Sheep Cycling Summer of Love Koolaid

Varying between bright colour fades, as demonstrated in the Koolaid and Morning Glory kits, but also blocky Bauhaus inspired geometric designs, this range is comprehensive and sure to satisfy all tastes.

Black Sheep Cycling Summer of Love Golden Haze

Each jersey made from high-quality OpenCell mesh and Moonlight fabrics. This provides a combination of supreme breathability and close four-way stretch materials to improve the aerodynamic cut of this performance selection. You can be sure that practical and comfortable sits at the core of these tops.

Black Sheep Cycling Summer of Love Bauhaus

Each bib short benefits from a BSC chamois that features a perforated channel to improve the comfort and feel around this critical area. The Summer of Love bib shorts offer fantastic shock absorption and cushioned ride comfort. Using Power Lycra, for compression, you can be assured of a better fit and feel too.

Black Sheep Summer of Love

If you’re looking for a change of scene as we hit high summer, this could be just the collection for you.