Stand out from the flock this season.

We are proud to be stocking Black Sheep Cyclinga dynamic and exciting brand that specialises in producing eye-catching high-performance cycling clothing for both men and women.

Black Sheep detail

About The Brand

An Australian company, Black Sheep Cycling invest in some of the finest European fabrics and utilise rider feedback to produce premium garments that turn heads and really make you stand out on the road. The Black Sheep Cycling range is unique, individualistic and never boring.

The Black Sheep Clothing line comprises of two distinct ranges; the Essentials Team Collection and the Limited 'Seasons' Collection. Both are now available to purchase online and in store.

Black Sheep Short

What Makes Black Sheep Different?

Each new instalment in the ‘Season’ range is released in very limited numbers and once it's gone it's gone. Each new season is defined by a theme, mood and direction, with Season Seven being a tribute to the world of street art. 

Black Sheep Season

For Season Six, Black Sheep used both ancient vernacular and modern designs, inspired by their love for architecture to produce artist and expressive jerseys and shorts. The popularity of the brand means that within hours these sought after garments sold out. This exclusivity makes Black Sheep one of the most desirable brands on the market and ensures you'd be hard pushed to find another Black Sheep wearer on the club run.

With each garment having a unique inspiration and story behind it, you know you are investing in a truly special brand.

Black Sheep Riding

The Essentials range is for the cyclist looking for understated and functional garments out on the road. With both men’s and women’s ranges, the form fitting cut and distinctive Australian designs are constructed from high-end fabrics to ensure you will always ride in comfort and style.

Black Sheep Essentials Range