Our Web Sales Manager, Tom puts the Black Sheep Cycling Limited Kit though its paces to see if this Aussie import can live up to its cult reputation.

The very first thing you’ll notice with any of Black Sheep Cycling's Limited range is the wildly unique designs, these are released in very limited numbers each season, with every release being inspired by a different theme. This ensures you will be hard-pressed to find a more uniquely styled piece of clothing out on the road, helping you to stand out from the crowd should you so wish.

Black Sheep Cycling Season On Bike

The fit of the Limited Range jerseys is simply perfect, this is labeled as “Pro Fit” which I would agree with as the fit is very slim, but true to size. I was a size down from my usual Castelli items.

"...an incredibly comfortable aero fit jersey."

Black Sheep Cycling Season Blue Peacock

The jersey has a unique underarm design; a super soft wide mesh panel runs from the cuff to your ribs. With the lack of seams in this area, you get none of the usual seam tight spots, which makes for an incredibly comfortable aero fit jersey. This mesh panel is extremely breathable, on a 20˚C humid ride my underarms were almost 100% dry.

Black Sheep Cycling Season Mesh Arm

The jersey has a silicone elastic gripper all the way around the hem, so you get zero issues with the jersey riding up. The medium sleeve length bridges the gap between the new trend of elbow length and the more classic shorter sleeve designs, so your tan lines may just be bearable in everyday life!

Black Sheep Cycling Season Black Hog Rear

With three spacious pockets on the rear, you can carry all of the supplies for a five-hour ride, with the jersey still staying in place thanks to the silicone grippers.

"I’m 5’ 7” and weigh 62kg, I went with size XS and found a very supportive, snug fit."

The Limited bib shorts have long silicone elastic grippers, which lightly compress and stay in place whatever the effort. The straps also have a silicone gripper finish, which runs around the edge of the shorts too, keeping everything in place however long the ride.

Black Sheep Cycling Season Shorts

"...having a boney behind I can suffer from sore sit bones, and I’m pleased to say I had no issues with these on long rides."

Now for the question which everyone including myself asks, how is the pad? The pad was designed around being comfortable for long days in the saddle, and the guys at Black Sheep Cycling have certainly delivered on this promise. I usually struggle to find a pad which I’m still comfortable wearing after 5 hours, having a boney behind I can suffer from sore sit bones, and I’m pleased to say I had no issues with these on long rides.

Black Sheep Cycling Season Seat Pad

The thickness of the pad is simply perfect, and with the supportive style of the shorts this helps the pad stay in place throughout the ride, a critical element to enhance comfort. It has a soft almost suede-like finish, so even if you’d rather not use chamois cream you’ll be in supreme comfort.

I’m 5’ 7” and weigh 62kg, I went with size XS and found a very supportive, snug fit. The shorts can take a little wiggling to get on due to the light compression, but this gives them their unique supportive fit.


Exclusive and for a good reason, the Black Sheep Cycling Limited kit really is a sensational offering from the Australian company. With a high-quality construction, sublimely comfortable seat pad and head turning looks this kit will really set you apart from the bunch. The race fit of the shorts may not be to everyone's liking, so for those who appreciate a slightly more forgiving cut, the Team Collection Bib Short may be a better choice.