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Mavic Comete Socks

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This item is no longer available to buy. Click here to view similar products.

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For high-paced, peak summer rides, the Mavic Comete socks assure you of a fantastic level of design and construction.

Robust and tough, these socks are strongly seamed and provide a nice level of compression and support, giving you a fantastic feel on the foot. Breathable and wicking on the climbs, the open weave pattern on this sock is sure to set you in great stead on the road.

Mavic Comete Socks

Mavic have reserved the title Comete for their highest and most exclusive products - so what sets these socks apart? With a variable weave pattern affording you a far better ventilation and level of breathability on high summer, high-temperature rides, the Mavic Comete socks are a simple but exquisite choice, offering you a supportive fit alongside a robust construction.

Stylish with a modern mid-length cuff height and benefitting from a low-key, simple graphic design, the Mavic Comete Socks are a nice finishing flourish for any cycling outfit. A supportive and contoured construction offering a far greater feel and indeed, compression over the course of your foot, you can be sure to ride with better comfort and with better blood flow, aiding your eventual recovery.


  • Modern mid-cuff sock height
  • High-quality fabric composition for improved breathability
  • Simple and neat design
  • Durable and hard-wearing socks
  • Variable weave pattern for better feel on the foot

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