Mavic Cosmic SLR 40 Clincher Wheelset

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Cosmic SLR 40 Clincher Wheelset

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Mavic Cosmic SLR 40 Clincher Wheelset 2021

The Mavic Cosmic SLR 40 Clincher Wheelset blends a sophisticated carbon fibre construction, an aerodynamic design and a refined braking surface to give a versatile performance that excels over any parcours.

The advanced carbon material used in the construction of the rims keeps the weight low while improving lateral rigidity markedly. This carbon material uses a specific resin within the brake track area and this partners with a special laser-etched surface to enhance braking performance and temperature regulation in all conditions. The stiffness to weight ratio of the rims is improved further by Mavic’s Fore Carbon Technology that integrates metal spoke thread inserts directly into the structure, cancelling the need for drillings in the upper rim bridge. This format also negates the need for rim tape when using tubeless-ready or standard clincher tyres.

The 40mm deep, wind tunnel tuned rim profile reduces aerodynamic drag and also stabilises the wheels during windy rides. This aerodynamic theme is continued by the elliptical spokes that save five watts of drag per wheel. Infinity hubs provide a solid base for these spokes to anchor into, regulating spoke tensions for heightened power transfer and durability.


  • BR601 titanium quick releases 
  • Carbon brake pads
  • UST valve and accessories
  • User guide


  • A tremendously versatile wheelset that performs exceptionally within any road riding scenario
  • Full carbon rim uses Fore Carbon Technology to heighten lateral stiffness and reduce weight
  • NACA wind tunnel tuned 40mm deep rim profile reduces aerodynamic drag markedly but is also highly stable in crosswinds
  • Fore Carbon Technology improves rim strength to weight ratio by attaching spokes directly, negating the need for drilled holes in the upper rim bridge
  • The solid upper rim bridge means that no rim tape is required, saving 30 grams
  • 19mm internal rim width lowers tyre rolling resistance and improves comfort
  • Patented laser treatment of the brake track shortens stopping distance in both dry and wet conditions and reduced heat build-up
  • Tubeless-ready and standard clincher tyre compatible
  • Infinity hubs are light and increase power transfer by optimising spoke tensions
  • Hub automatic bearing preload adjustment gives added bearing durability
  • Instant Drive 360 freehub provide fast engagement under acceleration
  • Patented elliptical aero spokes are strong and dependable and reduce drag by five watts per wheel
  • Isopulse rear spoke lacing pattern helps to improve power transfer


  • Tyre compatibility: UST tubeless-ready clincher or standard clincher
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Rim: 100% carbon fibre made with Fore Carbon Technology
  • Rim profile: Wide NACA
  • Rim finish: Naked carbon, satin surface
  • Rim depth: 40mm
  • Internal rim width: 19mm
  • External rim width: 26mm
  • Rim internal format: Hooked
  • Spokes: Mavic steel straight pull, elliptical aero, double-butted
  • Spoke count:  Front - 18 / Rear - 20
  • Spoke lacing pattern: Front - radial / Rear - Isopulse
  • Hubs: Front - Mavic Infinity / Rear - Mavic Infinity with Instant Drive 360 freehub
  • Freehub compatibility: Shimano HG/SRAM Road 11-speed
  • Brake compatibility: Standard rim brake caliper
  • Braking surface: Carbon, iTgMAX
  • Recommended tyre size: 25mm to 32mm
  • Maximum tyre pressure: See indication on wheel and tyre. If they differ, use the lowest of the two
  • Maximum recommended rider weight: 120kg/265lbs (including rider, bike and any other luggage)
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: Front - 640 grams / Rear - 750 grams / Wheelset - 1390 grams

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