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Mavic Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body

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Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body

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Product ID: ID360FH

The Mavic Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body is an improved, lightweight remodeling of Mavic's classic and bombproof freehubs.

Offering fast engagement at a rotation of only 9 degrees, a contactless low friction rubber seal reduces resistance and ensures waterproofing. Does it maintain Mavic's bombproof reputation? Absolutely.

Mavic Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body

The Mavic Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body is a redesigned, revamped freehub that delivers a lighter package, faster engagement, and improved waterproofing.

Built around an oversized aluminium axle and hardened alloy freewheel driver body, this design saves an estimated 40 grams in comparison with Mavic's standard freehubs. Making use of a 40 teeth dual ratchet system to work the engagement of the pawls inside the hub, the Mavic Instant Drive 360 Freehub Body can offer an almost instantaneous engagement after only 9 degrees of rotation, meaning that there's little lag when you decide to put the power down.

With radial seals providing low friction and faster speeds on the freewheel, you can make sure that you're losing less of your energy. The very same seals also provides the waterproofing for the internals of the hub. This is a sweetly sealed freehub that will provide those small performance benefits that translate into big differences out on the road.


  • Oversize aluminium axle
  • Hardened alloy freewheel driver body, economising on 40 grams of weight
  • 40 teeth dual ratchet system
  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 11-speed cassettes
  • Superfast 9° engagement
  • Radial seal for reduced resistance and higher rotational speed
  • Radial seal provides absolute waterproofing

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