Some brands are so longstanding and well known, a mention of their name immediately summons their field of expertise and, crucially, their successes within it. With the likes of Pirelli now launching a range of high performance, precision engineered performance tyres, you can be sure to benefit from this heritage brand’s impressive levels of commitment to cycling at the highest level.

Taking their first steps into the cycling market with three tyres, Pirelli have kept their range simple and specific to certain disciplines. The range includes a tyre aimed at wet-weather, all condition riding and training, a tyre for long course road racing, and finally, an all-or-nothing glory tyre, targeting the time trial course and the rider lined up against the clock.

Pirelli P-Zero velo Tyre


Bringing their expertise to the road cycling world, Pirelli provides the cyclist with the same rubber compound technology that has undergone extreme testing in the immensely competitive crucible of Formula One racing, this is a brand that knows how to get the most out of their tyres. A number of new technologies and materials have been developed especially for the express purpose of providing a better racing experience. Using a proprietary SmartNET silica rubber compound for enhanced traction and bonded to the tyre in a shaping that affords you a lower rolling resistance, you can be sure of a fast, high-grip experience on the road.


Puncture protection is delivered by means of an Aramid Fibre belt, Pirelli haven’t overlooked any detail in their quest to produce a market leading tyre. Aramid itself is principally known for its use in body armour and the aerospace industry, Pirelli really aren’t taking any chances when it comes to delivering you with a tyre that will give you the security you need out on the road.

Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT Clincher Tyre

Pirelli Cycling Tyre Riding


Silky smooth and slick, the outside of this tyre have been shaped specifically to provide the lowest rolling resistance, therefore giving you the ability to post your best time over the course. Available solely in a 23mm width, Pirelli have made this tyre to roll at its most effective and fastest in accordance with their extensive experience. With a 165 gram net weight, this tyre is optimised for full tilt efforts and comes without the standard puncture protection, saving weight, to give you a tyre focused on nothing but the seeking out the finish line in double quick time.


Pirelli P-Zero Velo Clincher Tyre

Pirelli P-Zero Cycling Tyre Sidewall


Designed as a high-performance road tyre, the P-Zero Velo Clincher Tyre balances considerations of long distance security with grip. Using the same SmartNET technology and coupling it with the Aramid Fibre belt for puncture protection, this tyre weighs just 210 grams in a 25mm width, though it is available in both 23mm and 28mm iterations. A durable composition should provide season-long confidence. This is a fantastic option for the rider looking to put in long rides and push themselves and their bike to the limit.


Pirelli P-Zero Velo 4S Clincher Tyre

Pirelli Cycling Tyre Tread


Catering for all-weather riding, you can be sure of a high grip even in the wet when using the Velo 4S Clincher Tyre. Great for all-year round use, this tyre is perfect for covering those critical training miles. With a strong compound assuring you of impressive levels of durability, an innovative tread pattern works to shift water in order to maintain a strong contact with the tarmac.


Tested on Italian Tarmac

With the new launch seeing this bastion of Italian industry return to cycling with style, we’re pleased to welcome the new range in store and online.