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The Sigma Sports Collection

An embodiment of our brand, a representation of our community, the next chapter in our story. For 2018 Sigma Sports are launching a collection, exclusively designed to celebrate the journeys our customers go on. Ready to join us for the ride?


IG Sigma Sport Cycling Team


For 25 years we have had a presence on the road, through our distinctive kit designs. From the early red, white and yellow jerseys to the UCI Continental Professional Cycling Kit of the 2000s, the Sigma Sport name has always been visible, whether it is on the start line of a race or hurtling down a descent on the continent. With names such as Bradley Wiggins, Matt Stephens and Dan Craven having ridden with Sigma Sport emblazoned on their chests, we are excited to see what future stars will wear the next instalment of kit.

Inspired by our past, driven by our future. For 2018 we are focusing on the passion, our love of adventure, the style that defines us and the logo that sets us apart.

Sigma Sports Kit Green


Our newest kit reflects the passion we have for the sport of cycling, through subtle nods to the designs of the pro peloton, and sympathetically positioned branding. Our kit will be available to everyone, not limited to exclusive clubs, so we can share that passion with our community around the world.

Cyclists in Gran Canaria


Our designs take an adventurous turn, bringing in new colours, not regularly used in cycling kit design. This reflects our desire to get out and explore new roads, discover new countries and embrace new cultures.

Sigma Sports Kit Callum


We're proud to bring new designs that challenge the norm but respect the heritage of cycling and the Sigma Sports brand. From the fit and function to expressive colours and logo positioning, our new range moves forward, whilst staying true to our roots.


Inspired by our community, each line of our logo represents the different journeys our customers go on. From the flat lands of Belgium to the hills of Surrey and mountains of the French Alps, whatever the adventure, we're here to share it with you.

Sigma Sports Kit in conjunction with Black Sheep Cycling

Black Sheep Cycling

Sharing the passion for the ride, the love of two wheels and a desire to produce the best cycle clothing, we have produced this very special range in conjunction with Black Sheep Cycling. An Australian company with a keen eye for design and who are not afraid to push the boundaries, we are proud to work alongside this ambitious young brand.

The Next Chapter

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The Final Word

The Final Word

"The brief was clear, to make a stylish but not a brazen branded kit. Choosing the warm red and midnight blue, these colours contrast nicely against one another, to make this design both distinctive and iconic. We designed this kit to be timeless, reliable and to inspire you to ride. We think we have ticked all the boxes."

Sam Boulton - Sigma Sports Creative Designer

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