Silca are market leaders when it comes to premium cycle products, creating heirloom accessories that cyclists hand down from generation to generation. With this in mind, we eagerly took a trip down to Saddleback, Silca’s UK distributor, in Bristol, to check out Silca’s new line of road-based equipment, and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

The Silca Italian Army Knife was the first item to catch our gaze. Come on, just look at it. In a market where multi-tools are tedious and so un-aesthetically pleasing, how is it possible to create such a mouth-wateringly beautiful, yet functional, tool?

Named the Tredeci and Nove, Italian for the numbers thirteen and nine, referring to the number of tools on each, these multi tools feature all the hex, torx and screwdrivers you need to perform basic maintenance by the roadside. The side plates feature earth magnets and a handy spare chain link hole to fix broken chains on the go, too.

Silca Italian army knife

“I’d be scared to use it” were the whispers overheard around the room, but Silca thought long and hard about these tools, giving them the protection to be used through rain or shine. Forged aluminium side plates and full stainless steel connectors don’t just give the Nove and Tredeci functionality, but also enhance the Italian aesthetics of this tool.

Silca Italian army knife 2

Modestly priced at £30.00 for the Nove and £40.00 for the Tredeci, this truly does state that Silca is ready to appeal to the masses. Sure enough, they do understand that £30.00 could be seen as quite steep for a multi-tool, but when other tools are prone to breaking, rusting and general abuse, spending a little bit more on something that’s protected from the weather and won’t break is surely worth it. Plus, it looks great. There’s no denying that.

BOA have been making strides within the cycling industry for years, and it’s more than likely that in your cycling kit bag, there’s a pair of cycling shoes with a BOA Closure System. Keeping everything tight and secure is just something they naturally do, so why not integrate this system into an under-saddle tool roll to stop saddlebag sway?

Silca Boa Roll

Silca’s attention to detail is immediately evident within the Premio Seat Roll. A waxed canvas construction on the exterior provides a stylish yet rugged design, whilst reflective cross-stitch quilting undoubtedly increases build quality and durability. When combined, these two are actually highly water resistant.

Silca Boa closure

The BOA Closure System with guide wraps around the underside of the saddle rails then tightens via the dial. The button with a textured tab allows for easy closure when wearing gloves, making everything feel super secure and well-manufactured.

Silca Boa Roll inside

Three internal pockets also provide enough storage for all your essential tools such as a multi-tool, inner tube, CO2 canisters, tyre levers and anything else you can imagine. Lined with a tough plastic coating, the inner is also water resistant.

Paying homage to the original SuperPista that made its first appearance at the 1989 Giro d'Italia, the latest SuperPista takes the original pump's premium quality construction and reliability and brings it into the 21st century, with a large, ergonomic wooden handle and a 50mm longer barrel.

Silca SuperPista Floor Pump

The handle is made from 5 Axis machined kiln dried beech wood, giving a high class and timeless look, while the longer barrel ensures ultra-fast inflation, with less effort needed. A premium pump, the entire SuperPista is made from metal, ensuring durability and rebuild-ability are covered. A powerful suspension fork piston is complimented with IGUS Glide Rings, making reaching the required pressure a simple task.

Silca SuperPista Floor Pump Handle

Attention to detail is of paramount importance for Silca, with even the check valve being made from a high quality brass. The 7075-T6 Schrader chuck is a thread on design, while the push on-push off Presta chuck is equipped with the renowned 242 Silca Gasket. The Presta chuck also features a pressure relief valve, ensuring no air is lost when removing the chuck from the valve.

Silca SuperPista Floor Pump Chuck

A pump for life, Silca's latest offering uses a 12x larger base than its original, making the pump even more stable and the shoe friendly base uses special elastomer feet making it safe for all floor surfaces, from carpet to wood.

Silca SuperPista Floor Pump Base

Guessing the correct pressure is now a thing of the past with the 2.5x larger and 50% more precise gauge. The print is now ultra-high contrast, making reading the gauge even easier and the gauge is accurate to 2% making it superior to the 5% industry standard.

Silca SuperPista Floor Pump Gauge


Who Are Silca?

As what once was the oldest family owned bicycle company in the world, Silca is steeped in 100 years of ground-breaking history. Originally owned by Felice Sacchi and based just outside of Milan, Italy, the company took innovation by the horns, using previously unheard of materials and developing ideas we now know as the norm. Without their revolutionary approach and meticulous attention to detail when building their products, it’s fair to say the bicycle industry wouldn’t be what it is today.