Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp

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Hirobel Frame Clamp
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The Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp helps to distribute stress more evenly and prevent potential damage to your bike when performing maintenance or repairs on a clamp-based stand.

The frame is cradled at distinct locations and the clamp is highly adjustable to suit different bikes.

Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp

Created originally for round, straight steel tubing, workstand design doesn't take into account different shapes and different materials, resulting in potential damage to the paint finish, or even internally. The Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp solves this problem by utilising paint-friendly cones and bindings that are located to distribute forces across a much larger surface area. All frames can be accommodated thanks to high adjustability and, with the repair stands clamp being located closer to the centre of gravity, stability is improved, particularly important when carrying out work that requires more force.


  • Specially designed clamp for bicycle repair stands
  • It better distributes stresses and loads through the bicycle frame, offering superior stability while eliminating possible crushing or damage
  • Adjustable and adaptable for any possible frame design, and compatible with both internal and external cable routing
  • Allows the repair stand clamp to be located closer to the bicycle centre of gravity, improving stability
  • Locates the drivetrain consistently higher for the mechanic

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