Sigma Sports Kit Amnesty

Save 25% When You Upgrade

To celebrate the launch of the new Sigma Sports Collection we’re launching a kit amnesty. Simply send us a photo of your old Sigma Sports kit and we’ll send you a 25% off voucher to purchase a new jersey and bib short.

Sigma Sports Collection Gran Canaria

All you need to do to receive your 25% discount is email a picture of your old Sigma Sport kit, whether it’s the original designs from the 90’s or a set of the replica IG-Sigma Sport kit to [email protected], and a member of the team will get back to you with a unique code that will give you 25% off the new range.

The full price of the full kit is £225 and you can save 25% with the amnesty. Once emailed, we will get back in contact within 24 hours with a discount code that you will be able to use when the kit launches at the end of next week.

Sigma Sports Collection Cyclist Climbing

Our new collection is inspired by the journeys our community make on the bike every day, with an icon representing every type of ride from the daily commute to the long summer alpine climbs. Find out more about our inspiration for the new range here.

Introducing the Sigma Sports Collection

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