Since it’s first launch in 2005, the Garmin Edge range has continued to evolve, pushing the boundaries of GPS routing and mapping, as well as making training and integrating with other devices easier than ever before. New for 2014, the Garmin Edge 1000 has been released, the most advanced, fastest and feature-packed Edge yet.

The nuts and bolts

On first impressions, the Edge 1000 is a sleek and streamlined offering. It has a thin profile resembling a smartphone with a large and uncluttered screen.

A major step forward in training and GPS devices, the Edge 1000 is also easier than ever to use. Featuring a high resolution 240 x 400, 3-inch screen, displaying a new fresh interface, very similar to an Android platform. This is a major improvement in clarity when compared to the Edge 810’s 2.7-inch, 160 x 240 screen.

Garmin developed the Edge 1000 to make it as easy to use as possible so included an intuitive horizontal orientation function. You will never feel restricted with what you can view on the screen again.

Often an issue with cycle computers and GPS devices is their limitations in low and bright light. The Edge 1000 addresses this by using light receptors to adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

Advanced mapping

A new feature included on the Edge 1000 is the pre-loaded maps, so no need to pay more for additional Micro_SD maps. This is the same mapping software used in Garmin’s Touring range, using similar features such as turn-by-turn navigation and the points of interest element. Hunting for that much-needed coffee stop has never been easier. All this brings the Edge 1000 inline with Garmin’s range of fantastic car satellite navigational systems.

Train like a professional

The Edge 1000 is designed to be your ideal training partner and coach. Motivational elements, such as the Virtual Partner feature, allow you to race against yourself, push yourself to new limits and with the new Garmin Connect App and website, share and evaluate your data online.

Direct Garmin Segment linking adds a competitive element to your riding, whether against your friends or yourself, you can challenge for segments and rack up the kudos from your compatriots.

The device lets you know of upcoming segments, automatically updates your position on Garmin Connect’s segment leader board and gives real-time results.

With all these challenges to conquer it would be a shame not to be able to share your epic rides with friends and family. The Edge 1000 allows you to do just that. Whether uploading your new hilly loop on social media or the Garmin Connect website it could not be simpler than with Wifi and Bluetooth pairing either straight to your computer or seamlessly to your smartphone.

Stay in the loop

Ever been riding along and miss that important phone call or text? Garmin understands in our busy lives we need to stay connected, whether for work or pleasure. The incoming call and text notifications ping up on your screen, so the need to constantly be checking your phone for that much-anticipated text message will be a thing of the past.

The LiveTrack sessions allow your cycling friends and family to monitor where you are at any given time and also provide you with up to the minute weather reports. This means you can either extend your ride or if rain is forecasted head home early!

Compatibility and forward thinking

The Edge 1000 moves with the times and is the most versatile device Garmin has ever produced. Ant+ pairing means the Edge 1000 can work alongside heart rate monitors, speed, cadence sensors and powermeters. Perfectly designed to integrate with Garmin Vector Pedals, allowing you to show up to the second individual leg power readings and all the crucial data needed to help you perform to your full potential.

Going electronic

One of the Garmin Edge 1000’s party pieces is the Di2 linking feature. A first for Garmin, using Shimano’s D-Fly System to display what gear you are in and how much battery life is left.


The Garmin Edge 1000 is the new kid on the block and pushes training, routing and connectivity for a GPS cycle computer further than ever before. Whether racing, training, riding with friends or just hungry for data the Garmin Edge 1000 will provide you with all the features you need in an easy to use, slick package. Simply slide it into your out-front mount and get pedalling!

Two options available. The Garmin Edge 1000 Head Unit and the  Garmin Edge 1000 Performance Bundle.