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Threo Women's Short Sleeve Jersey Review


Author: Claire

As a newcomer to the cycling industry, we put the new Threo Short Sleeve Jersey through its paces to see if it lived up to its premium, women's specific credentials.

Finding women's specific cycling clothing that actually looks good and fits well is a tough task but as more women get into the sport the number of brands that cater to the needs of the female cyclist grow.


Enter Threo, a London-based cycling and triathlon brand founded by women for women. As the new kid on the block, we took a look Threo's Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey to see if it lived up to its female-specific credentials.

"I am 5'9" and weigh 57KG and opted for the small size, which fits perfectly."

First off, let's start with the jersey's construction and fit. Simply put, the jersey fits fantastically. Unlike many other women's jerseys that are too tight around the chest and hips, the Threo Short Sleeve Jersey offers just the right fit without being restrictive. I am 5'9" and weigh 56KG and opted for the small size, which fits perfectly.


Further up the jersey, the fit is also fantastic. Around the shoulders and arms the cut is form-fitting but not restrictive in any way. The large gripper panel on the jersey's arm hems does a great job of preventing the sleeves from riding up; an especially welcome feature for me, as other jerseys often ride up my small arms.

Threo Jersey Sleeve

What is really apparent with the Threo Short Sleeve Jersey is that the female designers have spent a lot of time riding and refining it. The premium Italian fabrics feel lovely and soft against your skin and it dries incredibly fast. Mesh panelling on the back of the jersey helps to keep you cool on especially hot days while still keeping you protected from the sun.

Speaking of the sun, if, like me, you have particularly sun-sensitive skin then the jersey's collar and longer sleeve cut will be appreciated. Granted, these may result in some unsightly tan lines but tan lines are a welcome alternative to the lobster look.

"What is really apparent with the Threo Short Sleeve Jersey is that the female designers have spent a lot of time riding and refining it."

On the rear of the jersey, the three large pockets provide more than enough space for all of your riding essentials. The hem gripper also prevents them from swaying around awkwardly and the pockets are deep enough that you do not have to worry about your kit falling out. The water-resistant side pocket is particularly useful for storing your phone and keys as it alleviates any worries about your phone being damaged by rain or your perspiration permeating through the jersey.

Threo Jersey Pocket

If all of these design features were not enough, the handy headphone port that runs from the rear pocket up to the collar is great for popping in one headphone while you ride.

"Threo has outdone many of the far larger competitors that have been at it for years."

In terms of aesthetics, Threo has really excelled with a striking design that both enhances your visibility out on the road while also looking good as part of any shorts and jersey combination. Possibly the only detraction from the jersey is that it is only currently available in two colour schemes, but for what the jersey lacks in colour variety, it certainly makes up in attention to detail.

Threo Jersey headphone


With their first foray into the cycling jersey market, Threo has outdone many of the far larger competitors that have been at it for years. The true women's specific fit combines soft, comfortable and versatile fabrics to make this a great option for anyone from beginner riders to fanatic racers. Threo's attention to detail shows the small company's passion and understanding of cycling and more specifically what the modern female rider is looking for in their cycling clothing.



  • Very comfortable material - feels great against skin
  • Deep pockets on the back of the jersey allow you can carry a lot without worrying that it will fall out
  • Side zipper pocket is very secure and shower-proof
  • Premium Italian fabrics dry rapidly


  • Limited range of colours available
  • Despite the grips at the bottom the jersey does ride up slightly if the pockets are empty

About the Author

  • Article Published On: 29 July 2016

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