Direct Drive Turbo Trainer Bundles

Take the hassle out of indoor training. A direct drive turbo trainer replaces your bike's rear wheel to increase stability, reduce noise and eliminate tyre wear.

Favoured for their easy setup, compatibility with a wide range of bikes and quiet performance, direct drive turbo trainers are ideal for the cyclist who likes to swap between indoor and outdoor cycling but does not want the hassle of swapping between a turbo specific tyre or wheel.


Pain Cave Superstar KICKR Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle

The Wahoo Pain Cave Superstar KICKR Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle includes a KICKR Smart turbo trainer, a KICKR Climb and Headwind Fan creating the ultimate indoor training experience. All of these smart Wahoo products are controllable by Zwift, and with a three-month membership included, you can really put this bundle to the test.


Neo 2 Direct Drive Smart Turbo Trainer Bundle

A leading brand when it comes to indoor cycling, Tacx has designed the Neo 2 to provide the ultimate indoor riding experience. Their Direct Drive Smart Turbo Trainer Bundle comprises of the trainer itself, a Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Cassette, a BKOOL ANT+ USB Dongle and a 12-month membership to Zwift.

Claimed to be the quietest and smoothest turbo trainer to date, the Neo 2 can handle power of up to 2200 watts and slopes of up to 25%.


Direto-X OTS Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle

Featuring an integrated OTS power meter, the Elite Direto-X OTS Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle is the perfect pain cave addition and will handle power up to a massive 3,250 watts. Simply add a cassette and you'll have all you need to get riding, as the bundle includes a Wahoo ANT+ USB Dongle with Extension Cord, a 12-month membership to Zwift, plus a CycleOps Turbo Training Mat to protect your floors. 

Suited to both road and mountain bikes, this newer design is one of the most compatible out there. The ANT+, FE-C and Bluetooth compliant Direto-X will work with a range of apps, software, computers and devices, putting the interactive world of cycling indoors at your fingertips.


KICKR Core Smart Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle

Making the near-silent and totally engaging world of direct mount turbo trainers available at a more accessible price-point, the Wahoo KICKR Core Smart Turbo Trainer Zwift Bundle is a real winner.

The trainer has a maximum resistance of 1800 watts and can simulate gradients up to 16%. The bundle includes a Shimano 105 11-speed cassette and of course a 12-month membership to Zwift.

Wheel-on Turbo Trainer Bundles

Training made simple. A wheel-on turbo trainer allows you to ride your bike indoors without the need to remove your wheel.

More affordable than direct drive turbo trainers, the wheel-on turbo trainer places your rear wheel on a roller. Using a trainer specific tyre makes for a smooth and quiet ride, while the more compact design of these trainers, compared to direct drive alternatives, means they are perfect to take to an event, to warm up or cool down on.


KICKR SNAP Smart Turbo Trainer Bundle

Boasting +/- 3% power accuracy and compatible with both quick release and thru-axle equipped bikes, the Wahoo KICKR SNAP Smart Turbo Trainer has been combined with a Wahoo ANT+ USB Dongle with Extension Cord and a 12-month Zwift membership to create the perfect indoor cycling bundle.

Weighing 17.5 kilograms and folding compactly down on itself, taking the trainer with you to an event needn't be an issue.

Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Bundles

Add a smart bike to your collection and you can save the rest for riding outdoors. Accurate measurement of power and a stable and realistic ride feel are among a whole host of other features, so you'll be able to take your indoor training to the next level. 

If your budget can stretch to it, you'll benefit from the most advanced technology. One of the latest innovations to hit the indoor training market, these bikes operate quietly, replicate steep gradients, and measure high power outputs with extremely high accuracy. Your whole household will be able to take advantage of this powerful training tool thanks to the huge adjustability afforded by the designs.


KICKR Smart Bike Ultimate Bundle

With the Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike Ultimate Bundle you'll get the most realistic possible ride, indoors, with physical gradient replication when climbing and descending, plus the cooling feel of the wind on your face thanks to the included HEADWIND fan. Measuring a maximum power of 2,200 watts, and inclines up to 20%, there'll be almost no limits to your training. Also included are a KICKR DESK, a 3-month Zwift membership and a KICKR Turbo Trainer Mat to keep your floors protected.


KICKR Smart Bike Basics Bundle

Immerse yourself in your training with the Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike Basics Bundle. This indoor trainer is the most complete model out there, and it's accurate, quiet, stable and highly adjustable. It has a built-in CLIMB unit to physically match virtual gradient changes up to 20% and down to -15%, and measures up to 2,200-watt outputs. You can discover the popular Zwift training world with a 3-month membership, the KICKR DESK gives you somewhere to put your laptop and other accessories for easy access while you ride, and the KICKR Turbo Trainer Mat further reduces noise and protects your floor from sweat.

What is Zwift?

Taking your training indoors used to mean trudging over to the turbo trainer, begrudgingly swinging a leg over the top tube and pedalling monotonously, while staring at your living room wall.

Thankfully, with the creation of Zwift, indoor cycling boredom is a thing of the past. So what is Zwift? It is a multiplayer online cycling training platform that immerses you in a virtual world, competing, interacting and training with other individuals.

From its release in late October 2015 to today the platform has attracted both amateur and professional athletes, with names such as Mark Cavendish and Jens Voigt holding Zwift memberships.

The Courses

Keeping you engaged and motivated, Zwift have created three virtual worlds, Watopia, Richmond and London. The Richmond course is based on the 2015 UCI Road World Championship route, while the London course mirrors that of the 2016 RideLondon route.


Using Zwift couldn’t be easier. Simply connect your Zwift compatible turbo trainer via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your PC, phone or laptop. Opting for a smart turbo trainer means that you get modulated resistance, so when the virtual world gradient increases, the resistance on your trainer follows suit. Ensuring you get the most effective and realistic training effect, Zwift uses power readings, either from your power meter on your bike, one which is incorporated into your turbo trainer or predicts the power via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart speed sensors on your bike.

Share Your Rides

Sharing your rides and showing your friends and family how your training is going is made possible through the Zwift mobile app. This app allows you to change direction and communicate with other riders via messaging. All Zwift rides are saved as .fit files, which can be uploaded on Strava, so you can pour over the stats post ride.

Direct Drive Turbo Trainers

Removing your rear wheel and attaching your bike to a direct drive turbo trainer is a simple process and eliminates any wear and tear associated with using a tyre on a turbo trainer. Smoother and quieter than wheel-on turbo trainers, going direct drive is ideal for those who do not want to spend time swapping between specific turbo trainer tyres and wheels.


Wheel-On Turbo Trainers

Attaching your bike to the turbo trainer by means of your rear wheel quick release or thru bolt axle, a wheel-on turbo trainer allows you to simply attach your existing bike without the need to remove your rear wheel. Keeping your tyres in pristine condition, many brands make turbo trainer specific tyres, which wear less that conventional tyres and are quieter against the trainer's roller.


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