August Challenge Ride - 18th August - 66.8km

Time:  Meet at 3:45am for a 4am departure
Where: Sigma Sports Store, Hampton Wick, Surrey

This ride has now ended.

The Sigma Sports Night Ride is back.

Join us on Sunday, 18th August as we leave the shop at 4am to dodge the crowds and head into London to witness the sunrise amidst some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

We will meet at the Sigma Sports store in Hampton Wick at 3.45am and aim to roll out at 4am. The route will take us through Richmond Park into Putney and Fulham, before following the river Thames along the Embankment and the Houses of Parliament all the way into Greenwich. From there, we will pause to watch the sunrise right next to the Cutty Sark. After refuelling with this month’s nutrition partner Maurten, we will head back along the wharfs and past the Tower of London, before reaching Putney and Richmond for a flat ride back to the shop in Hampton Wick.

Speed Levels

There will be three different groups covering different routes. These will vary in speed and difficulty to cater for all fitness abilities.

Group 1 will set off first, followed by Group 2 and Group 3. This means that should you find yourself in a group that is too fast for your taste you can always sit up and wait for the next group on the road to come along. Group 3 will operate a no-drop policy.

Group 1 will be aiming to average around 18-19mph (31kph). 19mph is an average speed so there will be times when the speed is actually higher than this so you will need a decent level of fitness and the ability to ride in a group is essential!

Group 2 will aim to average between 16-17mph (28kph). Again this is an average speed so speeds will be in excess of 18mph in places. You will need to have had good group riding experience again for this group and will need a good level of fitness to complete the distance.

Group 3 will be aiming to average around 14-15mph (25kph). You will still need to have experience of group riding and sitting on another rider’s wheel but this ride will endeavour not to drop anyone, within reason.

We look forward to riding with you.

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