Embrace the social side of running and explore the local area with the Sigma Sports Run Collective.

Hosting regular group runs and events, we love connecting our staff, friends and customers and progressing as a group. To keep up to date with upcoming runs, why not join our Strava page?

We look forward to running with you.


Phil Moser
Sales Advisor
Inge Snook van der Hoek
Junior Brand Manager
I have been running for a few years, completing everything from 5kms through to marathons. I really enjoy the social side of running, getting to know new people and working with each other to achieve our individual goals. Off-road and trail running are areas I'm particularly passionate about.
Living locally, I spend my time running in Richmond Park. I love combining sport with travel, and have completed a half Ironman in France and a marathon in Madrid. When I’m not running, you can catch me out on my Dutch bike!
Paul Chandler
Sales Advisor
Jeff Mainwood
Head of Performance Marketing
As an ageing runner I am struggling to accept that my best days are behind me. A two time Boston marathon qualifier and UKA coach I now enjoy taking time over longer distances and exploring off-road routes when speed isn't an issue.
A social runner at heart, my favourite routes will often end up finishing up at the pub! I like to set a challenge for myself and in the past have taken part in a range of distance events from 5k to a half marathon. I enjoy a mix of running on trails and tarmac - this year I’ll also be taking part in my first triathlon.
Gethin Jones
Trading Executive
Being active in track and cross country from a young age, I've always had a passion for running and now participate in half- to marathon distance running alongside my Triathlon training. Throughout my time working at Sigma Sports I’ve been actively involved with our running collection, and enjoy putting the products through their paces.


Harry Edwards
Finance Administrator
Ian Rooke
Store Supervisor
I started running in 2017 when my triathlete wife suggested I give it a go to vary my time rather than solely cycling. Since then we found it was something we could do together to train for events. I have gone on to complete races up to half marathon. We especially liked doing Parkrun before lockdown and having completed just short of 100 parkrun events before they got stopped, I'm eager to get back out there. Not just for the running but also for the social aspect. Having just become a Dad, running is my go to exercise as it is quick and simplistic, with running buggy at the ready I am excited to see where these next few years of running take me. I love to run. It's as simple as that. I have been running for many years, mainly due to the fact I participate in Multisport events. The distances I run are from 3km, 5km, 10km, and half marathon. Running helps me to be free and one with nature. I usually run around Richmond park, However, I have moved to Rutland and Look forward to tackling the local trails around the Rutland water and beyond.
Zoe Smith
Sales Advisor
Adam Macdonald
Store Supervisor
I have been immersed in Triathlon and qualified for Kona 4 times. In that time I have qualified as a level 2 Triathlon coach and am now taking my hand at Ultra Marathon Running. The more insane the challenge the better. Having only started running a few years ago with a 5K as a goal, I’ve now caught the bug and completed multiple half marathons. I love the social side of running and now run on and off the road for fun. When I’m not running I’m either out exploring new places on my bike or on foot with my dog!
Matt Broad
Workshop Supervisor
I've been involved with triathlon since I was 18 years old, competing in Sprint, Olympic and Half-Ironman distance events. I'm a qualified British Triathlon coach and so I'm looking forward to sharing knowledge I've gained over the years as well as learning some more. When I'm not running, you'll catch me in the pool or on the bike.


Since 1991 Sigma Sports has established itself as the unparalleled proprietor of all things Cycling and Triathlon. Moving into Running in 2017, Sigma has seen tremendous success, exploring a whole new world beyond its cycling portfolio. As a thank you to all the customers that have been a part of growing our Run Collective we hope that we can continue to provide you with great service and build our community with you.

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