Comfortable, powerful, rigid, lightweight and ultimately fast: the Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoes are constructed from an ultra-strong carbon fibre outer shell, with a removable bootie sitting inside to allow for incredible versatility and durability. Weighing just 270g, scientific testing has proven energy savings of 4.2 watts per pedal stroke, and 19% more angular freedom to ensure you’re riding comfortably and efficiently. A 4.5mm stack height ensures you’re closer to the pedal axle, too, making your transfer of power stronger and more instantaneous.

For the rider who does not want to compromise when it comes to their equipment, the Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoes are the ideal choice. Taking functionality, versatility and performance to the absolute maximum, the Comete comprises of a full carbon shell, removable bootie and a variety of added extras to ensure you’re getting the most out of your riding.

Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoes


Extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the optimum levels of stiffness and comfort, and RAMP tests on a wide range of subjects will have you in awe of the results. Over a 2 minutes period tests have shown a 20-watt increase in power, with the Comete allowing 70% of riders tested to move up an entirely new power step, meaning instead of hitting 300 watts for 2 minutes, they were able to maintain 320 watts for an extra 2 minutes.


Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoes


A 4.5mm stack height and an increase in ankle angular freedom are definitely contributing factors to this increase in power. These two features work together to allow you to not just get closer to the pedal axle, but actually allows you to fine tune your foot angle and position on the go, meaning you’re not restricted by the material layup of your shoe. This saves another 4.2 watts per pedal stroke, reducing wasted energy and enhancing speed.


The carbon fibre exoskeleton weighs an incredibly impressive 144.5g (size EU 45.5), whilst the removable bootie comes in at 125.5g, meaning altogether, the Comete sits at 270g. Quite a feat for something that has been proven in scientific testing to save 15% over the previous Mavic Cosmic shoe.

Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoes


The removable booties are soon to be released in different iterations, too, with a winter specific, summer specific and low weight racing version of the bootie on the horizon - meaning you can change the warmth, comfort and weight of your shoe depending on the weather!



  • 1 x Mavic Comete Ultimate Road full carbon shell (pair)

  • 1 x Mavic Comete Ultimate Road removable bootie (pair)

  • 1 x Mavic Comete Ultimate overshoes (pair)

  • 1 x Mavic Comete Ultimate shoe bags (pair)

  • 2 x Mavic ErgoFit 3D Ortholite insoles (size UK 10-12 & 10.5-12)

  • 1 x Cleaning cloth

  • 2 x Titanium v-plates & 2 sets of screws

  • 1 x Mavic Comete Ultimate specific box



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  • Article Published On: 01 June 2017