Fabric have been known to dream up some pretty inventive products, so we jumped at the chance to visit their UK headquarters to check out their 2017 product launch. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed.

Pumps and lights seemed to be the agenda of this product launch and there were a few that really stood out. Below, we've picked the top three products that'll definitely be amongst our staff favourites.


Despite its plastic-looking exterior and ‘what you see is what you get’ design, the Fabric TP02 Hi Volume Floor Pump is actually aimed towards use in home and bike workshops. We were pretty sceptical at first, but once we got our hands on it, we realised it wasn’t hastily put together and isn’t delicate at all. 


The simple gauge reads in both bar and PSI, pumping up to an impressive 140 PSI / 9 bar and the high-contrast colours allow you to work in low-light conditions without having to use a torch. The valve head also attaches to the front of the gauge to make for a neatly designed package, whilst the floor stand is well balanced and features a rough sand paper texture to enhance grip on cold, winter mornings. 


Much like the rest of the Fabric range, their ‘smart’ head features on the TP02 and automatically adapts to both Presta and Schrader valves. This is a pump that will definitely be a firm favourite with our staff - if not for the performance and value, then for its looks. 


What this pump lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in both build quality and power. With a maximum inflation of 120PSI, this pump can handle anything you subject it to thanks to its high-pressure chamber that’s just 180mm in length.


The rubber hose extends from the body, allowing you to get closer to the valve, and the ‘smart’ head adapts to both Schrader and Presta Valve. What we love about this pump is that it’ll fit into ar rear jersey pocket and ensure you do not need to use a CO2 canister when out on a ride. 

For its size, the Fabric FL150 Front Light sure packs a punch and holds all the necessary emergency settings to get you home when you forget to charge it (even though it’s direct chargeable via a USB port). The 150 lumens are ideal for urban and suburban use. The FL150 also transfers into a rear light thanks to its combination of both white (front) and red (rear) LED’s, too. 


The bracket is attached via a stretchable strap that will fit around most frame tubing and it allows the rider to move between front light and rear light usage when you are low on battery. The rear light is meant for emergencies and can be used as a ‘get me home’ light when on very low power. 




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