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The all-new Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM is here to help you expand your horizons. Bringing you the confidence to ride to new places and enabling you to build routes on the fly whilst out on the road, Wahoo has taken what cyclists loved about the previous model - the Wahoo ELEMNT - and moved the technology forward with a unit optimised for performance both on and off road.

This new addition makes it easier for you to explore on your bike on a range of terrains, whether that’s on your own discovering new roads or out with friends on an adventure. Wahoo has worked with a number of third-party apps such as MTB Project and Singletracks to integrate their mapping and a number of new third parties encouraging you to explore new places and find your adventure.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM gps bike computer with ELEMNT app

Updated Navigational Features

Out of the box, the setup of the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM is simple and intuitive. You will need to download the ELEMNT app onto your smartphone from the app store, but the whole process can be done very quickly, ensuring you can get out and explore in a matter of minutes.

The main talking points of the device are the numerous smart new navigation features that help you to focus on enjoying your ride and new scenery or on putting the power down as part of your training session or race. Features such as the ‘retrace your route’ and ‘take me to’ which already existed on the ELEMNT app have now been integrated into the head unit itself which is a really welcome addition and something that a lot of people asked for on the previous ELEMNT model. This means you can keep your phone in your jersey pocket and save your phone’s battery life. You can also now pan around the map on the head unit rather than just being able to zoom in and out of where you’re located. This small but helpful update is definitely beneficial when exploring new roads or paths.

wahoo elemnt roam gps bike computer navigation screen

Another new feature of the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM is ‘back on track’ mode. If you miss a turn or stray from the route you’re following, it will re-navigate you back so that you can continue on your ride - this is probably one of the most useful updates to the device. The ‘get me started’ feature will take you to the start of your route. So, say for example you were doing a ride with your friends but the route started somewhere that you’re unfamiliar with, the ELEMNT ROAM will direct you to the start. ‘Route to start’ takes you the best way back to the beginning of your ride.

You can also save a number of different locations onto the device, so if you come across a great new coffee shop you can store the position for future reference. You can also use it to save places that you visit regularly, such as your local bike shop, work, or the pub - this added feature makes it simple to explore.

The map screen will give you the perfect view of your location and surrounding area and you can use the zoom feature by pressing the up and down buttons on the side of the unit to zoom in or out.

wahoo elemnt roam gps bike computer cyclist riding

The New Screen

The 2.7 inch screen has been mounted flush and is constructed from Gorilla Glass for increased durability and scratch resistance while offering a crystal clear finish that’s highly visible in all conditions. The large screen makes it nice and easy to track your position on the map as well as read all of your data. The addition of the ambient light sensor is also a welcome change; this is a small dot in the left-hand corner of the unit and means that whether you are in your dark pain cave or out on a climb in the alps with the bright sun beaming down, you can still read the display. As with the previous model, the unit uses simple to see LED indicators on the left and top of the screen and these lights help indicate whether you are going above or below your average speed, power or heart rate.

wahoo elemnt roam gps bike computer selective colour screen

The addition of the selective colour screen really helps to highlight key features, different types of terrain and also your different performance metrics when riding. Wahoo has made a conscious decision not to use colour for all metrics because it’s simply not needed. The colours help to set the stats apart and also keep them simple during an intense training session. As with the previous model, the data screens are fully customisable through the ELEMNT app.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer Cyclist Riding

Battery Life

The ELEMNT ROAM boasts a 17-hour battery life, even with maps and routing in use, which is really quite impressive. This is the same battery life as the previous model despite the updated navigational features and the colour screen, and it gives you peace of mind for those longer rides and all day adventures.
Wahooligan banner

Future Proofed

Wahoo are a company at the forefront of innovation and they plan to continue to update maps and various features of the device through firmware updates using the app, just as they did with the ELEMNT when it was released. This aligns nicely with the recent update they applied to the app which is now incredibly clean looking and brings it up to date with a modern feel.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer Side

The Evolution of the ELEMNT

The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM has a number of smart new features that bring it to the forefront of cycling GPS computers and make it one of the best on the market. The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM has been designed to help you explore new places with ease. There’s no need to worry about getting lost as the ROAM will guide you in safe hands. This product works perfectly in sync with their indoor training ecosystem as well as enabling you to discover new places and find your adventure out in the real world. This new device from Wahoo is aimed at all types of rider, from explorers to racers and everything in between, continuing their revolution in the cycle GPS world.

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About the Author

  • About Lucy: An enthusiastic cyclist both on and off-road, Lucy is part of our social media team and is always looking for her next challenge whether it be on road on her Specialized S-Works Amira Road Bike or on gravel trails with her Specialized Crux Cyclocross Bike.
  • Article Published On: 29 April 2019

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