If you’re serious about your training at some point you have probably trudged down to the garage, reluctantly turned the desk fan on and put yourself in a world of pain, possibly, staring at a wall counting down the minutes. Riding a turbo trainer used to be a necessity rather than a pleasure for those short on time, trying to train through inclement weather or looking to do a structured workout.

Focused on making riding indoors a more enjoyable and immersive experience, Wahoo have launched the KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator, designed to transform your indoor workouts and bring that feeling of riding outdoors one step closer.

Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator

The premise is simple. The CLIMB combines with your 2017 or 2018 KICKR, KICKR SNAP or KICKR CORE Turbo Trainers and is compatible with third party apps, including Zwift, to offer grade changes within your ride. The interactive world these third party apps inhabit, are the ideal platform for such a simulator, with even the minutest of gradient changes being relayed back to the CLIMB.

Easy to link to your KICKR or KICKR SMART Trainer, the CLIMB uses Direct Proximity Pairing, via the included remote.

Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator Remote

Real-time grade changes mean training indoors will never leave you feeling flat again, simply attach your fork, using a quick release skewer or thru-axle, to the CLIMB and experience gradients of anywhere between -10 and 20%. This really is a climber’s delight and an excellent tool to help you train for hilly races or mountainous sportives.

Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator Fork Attachment

Two climbing modes are available; the Unlock Mode, which allows the CLIMB to react to changes in the gradient from third party apps, such as Zwift and TrainerRoad, and your ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT, and the Lock Mode which enables the CLIMB’s grade to be controlled exclusively using the remote.

The remote can be attached to your handlebars to keep it always within easy reach and when not in use it slots neatly into the top of the KICKR CLIMB. Launched at Eurobike 2017, we were one of the first to see the KICKR CLIMB in action.

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Compatible Wahoo devices

  • Wahoo KICKR Indoor Smart Turbo Trainer 2017 (Serial numbers starting with 17 or greater only) and 2018 models only
  • Wahoo KICKR SNAP Smart Turbo Trainer 2017 model only
  • Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Turbo Trainer
  • Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Cycling Computer
  • Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Cycling Computer

Compatible axles

  • Quick Release
  • 12x100 thru-axle
  • 15x100 thru-axle
  • 15x110 thru-axle

Compatible apps

  • Zwift
  • TrainerRoad
  • Wahoo App