2XU P2 Propel Wetsuit

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P2 Propel Wetsuit

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2XU's P:2 Propel Wetsuit is packed with features to enhance your speed and comfort through the water.

Full freedom of movement and flexibility is enhanced by the stretch panels and lining and a floating zip panel, while the SCS coating is hydrodynamic, making the suit easier to put on and remove, and reducing resistance in the water. A rollbar improves your position in the water by increasing core buoyancy so you can achieve the most efficient swimming position for your fastest times yet.

2XU P:2 Propel Wetsuit

With 2XU's P:2 Propel Wetsuit, you'll have the flexibility, buoyancy and hydrodynamics to put in your fastest swim times; this is a top-end offering packed with performance technology.

The rear zipper unzips top to bottom and the floating zip panel increases movement so you can increase your distance travelled per stroke. For an efficient stroke, you require full and unrestricted movement and this suit has a number of features to enhance this. Intermediate zone stretch panels ensure fluid movement and the internal lining has 520% stretch for lateral flexibility. The shoulder and arm panels are seamless while a silicone concave water entrapment zone further enhances distance per stroke.

A rollbar construction increases core buoyancy and puts you in the optimum position for an efficient swim stroke, reducing body roll. 39 Cell 5mm thick neoprene in the front panel further enhances this by offering maximum buoyancy. The SCS silicone coating is hydrodynamic and reduces resistance, both when putting on and removing the suit, and in the water. In addition, SCS will improve your comfort, keep you warm and decrease fatigue so you can push harder for longer.


  • SCS coating: Hydrodynamic silicone coating to reduce resistance when putting on and taking off the suit and to alleviate water resistance
  • Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) panels: Fluid movement
  • Silicone concave water entrapment zone: Xtreme ultra enhanced distance per stroke
  • 39 Cell front buoyancy panel: Maximum buoyancy with a 5mm neoprene thickness
  • Seamless shoulder and arm panel: Enhanced flexibility
  • Transition panel: Seam overlap technology
  • 520% stretch lining (internal): Enhanced lateral flexibility
  • Floating zip panel: Increased movement for better distance per stroke
  • Rollbar: Increased core buoyancy and body position

2XU P2 Propel Wetsuit Sizing

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