Assos EVO Winter Face Mask

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EVO Winter Face Mask

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Assos EVO Winter Face Mask

Assos' EVO Winter Face Mask provides complete cold weather protection for the head, face and neck. OSMOS Heavy is incredibly insulating, managing heat to keep you warm without overheating. Internally it's soft and externally it's more abrasion resistant. SPHERE Ultra Hole is a stormproof material used around the throat and chin to protect against road spray and cold wind, and micro-perforations within the material ensure there is no compromise to breathability. Using Assos' twinDeck construction means protection is doubled in areas worst hit by the elements.

Not only super warm, but this face mask also offers good coverage, with the apron extending down around the neck so there's no gap between the garment and a jersey or jacket collar. The face opening is raw-cut to prevent irritation and stretchy so it can be pulled down below the chin if more ventilation is required. 


  • Insulating OSMOS Heavy actively thermoregulates to maintain warmth without overheating and its soft inner face is protected by external abrasion resistance
  • SPHERE Ultra Hole is a stormproof, two-layer membrane with four-way stretch, perforated with micro holes to increase breathability without sacrificing protection
  • twinDeck construction doubles the layers of protection in vulnerable areas
  • The mask’s apron extends well below a jacket’s collar, eliminating gaps
  • Raw-cut face opening eliminates the hem for more comfort and no skin imprint after wearing it
  • Opening also stretches down over the chin for increased ventilation when needed

Assos EVO Winter Face Mask Sizing

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