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BlueSeventy Fusion Wetsuit

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Make your performance count with the BlueSeventy Fusion Wetsuit.

Ideal for the triathlete looking to take a step up in performance, this wetsuit uses targetted buoyancy to put you in a better position in the water. Hydrodynamic SCS coatings boosting your efficiency and reducing drag, this wetsuit offers reduced chafing thanks to a lower cut neck and a flexible 4-way stretch material composition.

BlueSeventy Fusion Wetsuit

The BlueSeventy Fusion Wetsuit is aimed at support and comfort in the water. Making use of hydrodynamic materials and offering fantastic insulation from the Yamamoto neoprene, this wetsuit is a durable and resilient option for the enthusiastic swimmer looking to really invest in their performance. With a design that lifts the lower half of the body in the water, raising the hips and promoting a faster swimming position, this wetsuit makes for less drag and more speed. 2mm lower leg panels maximising the range of movement you have in the water whilst not impeding a quick release when required, you can be sure of a great cover and reach. With taping on the internal seams for reinforcement, this wetsuit is equipped with a Super Composite Skin (SCS) technology coating that uses a low-friction coating to reduce the drag and boost your hydrodynamics. Thinner side panels improving the fit of this wetsuit, finishing touches like a curved closure flap improve your comfort as you go all out to perform at your best.


  • 3/5/4 construction, with a buoyant 5mm panel in the lower half of the body, 4mm in the legs a 3mm panel for the upper body
  • Design lifts the lower half of the body in the water improving body position, creating less drag and more speed
  • Curved closure flap reduces rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chafing
  • 2mm lower leg panels maximise the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in transition
  • Taping on the internal seams is reinforced and allows you to cut the leg to the desired length
  • Thinner side panels for improved fit to complement the torso and back buoyancy panels
  • Built with a highly flexible 4-way stretch jersey
  • A 2mm thin panel surrounding the neck provides more comfort
  • S-Grip forearm catch panels
  • Super Composite Skin tech uses a low-friction coating throughout the suit to create a lower drag coefficient and enhanced hydrodynamics

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