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BlueSeventy Reaction Mens Wetsuit

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Reaction Mens Wetsuit

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The BlueSeventy Reaction Mens Wetsuit uses cutting-edge features to provide comfort, speed and durability.

Enhancing your triathlon experience the suit uses VO2 chest panels, which have been 4mm Yamamoto neoprene added to enhance flexibility and buoyancy. Honeycomb forearm catch panels improve feel in the water, while the 4-5-4 design enhances body position in the water.

BlueSeventy Reaction Mens Wetsuit

Enhancing your swim, the BlueSeventy Reaction Mens Wetsuit is a high-performance, mid-price wetsuit for Sprint, Olympic and Ironman events. Incorporating a 4-5-4 design, which is made upon two 4mm chest panels that work with a 5mm neoprene section around the core, hips and lower torso. These sections lift the body and reduce drag in the water. Side panels are just 2mm in thickness to improve fit and flexibility, making for a better stroke.

2mm RST (Reactive Stretch Technology) is high stretch and has been added to the shoulders for greater reach. Aqua-seal cuffs are a 4-way stretch silicone design that acts to keep water out and make the wetsuit easy to take on and off. Thin arm sections feature 1.5mm Yamamoto neoprene. This is a high-quality material that enhances flexibility. The Knee Flex 2mm ribbed panels reduce bunching and make running easier through a transition. Further enhancing fit and flexibility, the single-seam legs' tube construction is a welcome addition, which also improves durability.


  • VO2 Chest panels: Buoyant 4mm Yamamoto chest panels are split by a flexible neoprene for more stretch and easier breathing
  • Honeycomb forearm panels: Catch panels improve forearm water-feel
  • Single-seam legs: Tube construction leaves one seam per leg, which is taped for durability. The legs can be cut up to 6" shorter for a custom fit
  • 4-5-4 Design: Two 4mm chest panels work with a 5mm neoprene around the core, hips, and lower torso to lift the body and reduce drag in the water. The legs finish with 4mm neoprene to get that downhill position
  • Thin arms: Premium 1.55mm Yamamoto 40 cell neoprene in the arms provides flexibility, comfort and speed
  • Side Panels: 2mm thin side panels improve fit and ease body rotation for a natural stroke
  • Reactive Stretch Technology (RST): 2mm neoprene and high-stretch jersey offers great mobility and reach from the shoulder
  • Aqua-seal cuffs: 4-way stretch silicone cuffs prevent unwelcome water entry and remove easily
  • Knee Flex: 2mm ribbed panels reduce bunching and improve running to T1

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