Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Chain

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Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Chain

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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Chain

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any Campagnolo rim or disc brake 12-speed groupset, this chain delivers some of the smoothest and most precise shifting available.

Crafting impeccable and reliable performance, even with the new wider cassette ratios, has been the focus of extensive research and development by Campagnolo's dedicated R&D Engineers. The design of this 12-speed chain ensures precision shifting by both front and rear derailleurs. Despite its narrower profile, this chain guarantees the same exceptional durability, efficiency, and performance as its 11-speed counterpart, making it the lightest yet most enduring chain in the Campagnolo range. Its remarkable wear resistance places it at the zenith of Campagnolo's chain offerings.

Enhanced by the ultra link system, this chain offers longevity and safety. You have two fastening options – the Classic Campagnolo pin or the C Link – for hassle-free removal and cleaning. Both versions are designed to cater to diverse needs and uses, providing the same exceptional resistance and efficiency across the board. Experience the pinnacle of shifting performance with the Super Record EPS Wireless 12-Speed Chain.




  • Suitable for any Campagnolo 12-speed rim or disc brake groupset
  • 114 Links, 5.15mm wide
  • Lighter and narrower than an 11-speed chain but just as durable and resistant to wear and tear
  • External parts of the links are perfectly smooth for optimum performance in line with the design of the teeth on the sprockets and crowns.
  • Advanced Nickel-PTFE anti-friction treatment, for reduced friction, smooth pedaling, quiet operation, greater efficiency and longer chain life
  • Pins aligned with the external surface: Smoothness and precision
  • Requires the Campagnolo Ultralink UT-CN400 Chain Tool for installation
  • Weight: 228g (114 links)

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