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Elite Quick-Motion Rollers

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Elite Quick-Motion Rollers

Quiet, smooth and with a floating system that makes it easier to balance, the Elite Quick-Motion Rollers are ideal for indoor training as well as pre-race warm-ups. The construction is light yet sturdy, packing down small for easy storage and transport, and there's plenty of adjustability for a range of bikes, plus magnetic resistance so you can focus your training on cadence, strength or technique.

Borrowing technology from the smooth and natural feeling original Elite E.motion, the Quick-Motion improves on the design, retaining the benefits of a floating system, but in a lighter, more compact package. Perfect for both those starting out on rollers and those with more experience, quick and sudden movements such as when changing position are absorbed for a smoother ride feel and improved safety. The parabolic shape holds the wheels more centrally, and the smooth surface decreases noise and tyre wear. With three levels of magnetic resistance, you can simulate gradients or perform high or low cadence training sessions.

Add an Elite Misuro B+ sensor (purchased separately) and you can monitor your power, cadence, heart rate, speed and other stats, and use the rollers with indoor training platforms such as TrainerRoad and The Sufferfest. Take the rollers along to races to warm up effectively - the Quick-Motion folds up small and locks in place, with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying.


  • The Quick-Motion uses a system of self-centring rockers to replicate the floating action of the original E.motion but in a foldable, less expensive design
  • Roller with a floating-system that aids balance during training - makes it simpler to approach rollers as it absorbs any sudden movements, which are typical when first starting out
  • Perfectly balanced, parabolic rollers with 3-stage magnetic resistance
  • Front roller is adjustable with 11 different positions to allow for perfect compatibility with the frame of the bike you're using - both road and mountain bikes
  • The Quick-Motion can be folded down smaller than any other Elite rollers making it perfect for warming up and taking to communal trainer sessions
  • Integrated ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • An integrated mount for an Elite Misuro sensor (purchased separately) makes them very easy to turn into ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled Smart rollers using the Elite My E-training App, and connect to indoor cycling platforms
  • Power output: 425 watts
  • Maximum weight allowed for athlete and bike < 115kg

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