FFWD Ryot77 Track, Front Wheel



Ryot77 Track, Front Wheel

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Ryot77 Track Front Wheel

Working with many teams and individual athletes from all levels in all track disciplines we received important feedback leading to this ultimate track set. Together with the many hours of development in new rim shapes, which already resulted in a complete new road range and recently in our RYOT77 for triathletes. This knowledge has been used to create an all new track set that completes the RYOT family!

It is build with a 77mm high carbon rim with a LAW Tech aero profile that has been optimized for all most common tire widths due to the 26mm wide tire bed. In the centre of the wheels are new FFWD track hubs in black with a bolt in closing system on the front wheel and full steel endcaps on the rear wheel. If you have been changing wheels a lot you know these features are of high value. By the use of Sapim CX Sprint spokes - also in black now - the wheel set is stiffer, both lateral as torsional. As with all our wheels these are built to last and by the hands of our experienced wheel builders at our facility in The Netherlands.

RYOT77 Track offers great handling and aero performance with the stiffness that gives you the confidence to go fast. Let alone the white design with hexagon structure will definitely impress your competition!


  • Weight 1890.0gram
  • Max rider weight 120 kg
  • Aero shape LAW
  • Tubeless ready No
  • Innertube compatible No
  • Tubular Yes

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