Lezyne Zecto Alert Drive Rear Light

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Zecto Alert Drive Rear Light

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Lezyne Zecto Alert Drive Rear Light

Blending brightness and versatility, the Zecto Alert Drive Rear Light from Lezyne is the perfect option for any rider wanting to increase visibility when out on the road.

Riding in any conditions, whether they be under the darkness of the night, when battling pouring rain or when the sun is setting, are made all the safer by this light’s multiple output modes. Producing a maximum of 80 lumens and with a burn time extending up to 15 hours 30 minutes, even the longest rides are catered for.

Novel “Alert” technology makes this light act as a brake light that increases its brightness upon deceleration. Once stopped, it produces a distinctive flashing pattern to keep the rider safe when stationary in heavy traffic. The normal output mode is resumed once again upon pulling away.

The exterior construction is realised in a blend of composite and aluminium to combat scuffs and scrapes and high levels of waterproofing permit use in the foulest of weather. A double attachment system increases the light’s versatility by allowing it to be attached to any seatpost, regular or aero, or clipped onto clothing or saddlebag loops.


  • A versatile and bright rear light that is perfect for riding in any conditions
  • Multiple solid and flashing brightness modes including a Daytime Flash option
  • Alert technology turns the light into a brake light when the rider decelerates
  • Maximum 80 lumen output
  • Up to 15 hours 30 minutes battery life is recharged via its USB lead
  • Lightweight composite and aluminium construction is compact, robust and light
  • High degrees of waterproofing combat any weather condition
  • Double rubber band and clip attachment system is aero and round seatpost compatible and can be clipped onto clothing and saddlebags


  • 1 x rear light
  • 1 x rubber band/clip mounting system
  • 1 x USB recharge lead


  • Light source: LED
  • Maximum lumens: 80
  • Modes: Blast: 20 lumens / Economy: 5 lumens / Day Time: 80 lumens / Flash 1: 20 lumens / Flash 2: 20 lumens
  • Run time: Blast: 4 hours 30’ / Economy: 15 hours 30’ / Day Time: 6 hours 30’ / Flash 1: 11 hours 30’ / Flash 2: 15 hours 30’
  • Battery: 1 x 3.7 Volt/ 800mAh (Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable and durable)
  • Recharge time: 3 hours
  • Recharge device: USB lead
  • Claimed manufacturers weight: 53 grams

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