Pas Normal Studios PAS Bib Short

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Pas Normal Studios
PAS Bib Short

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PAS Bib Shorts

The PAS Bib Shorts are the pinnacle of performance and comfort, based on the Mechanism Pro Bibs. They have been meticulously crafted to enhance your cycling experience and deliver professional-level performance.

The PAS Bib Shorts feature advanced structurally mapped fabric, strategically integrated with variable 4D-stretch zones, ensuring optimal flexibility and freedom of movement. The use of a soft, silk-like stretch-woven main fabric not only provides exceptional comfort but also exhibits remarkable durability against abrasions. You'll experience a unique body wrap sensation, as these shorts conform to your physique like a second skin.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable slipping and sliding. The woven silicone-free grippers on the leg openings ensure a secure and stay-put fit throughout your ride. No distractions, just pure focus on the road ahead.

To enhance your comfort during long hours on the saddle, Pas Normal Studios have incorporated their signature 4-Layer ultralight foam chamois. Positioned precisely for speed optimisation, this chamois offers superior cushioning and support, reducing fatigue and allowing you to perform at your best.

The PAS Bib Shorts are an integral part of the exclusive PAS capsule collection, designed to elevate your cycling performance to new heights. Experience the unmatched combination of performance, style, and team spirit these bib shorts offer.


Product Features

Variable 4D-stretch - The unique zones of stretch in the woven fabric give your muscles support and creates a second skin fit

Silicone-free grippers - An exposed elastane thread woven into the leg part of the main fabric acts as a gripper, securing the PAS Bibs in the optimal position

Radio Pocket - The back mesh features a pocket suited for a race radio or other smaller items that need to be stored during your ride

Straps - Unique bib straps developed by Pas Normal Studios secure the PAS Bib Shorts in an optimal position. The straps, developed in Italy, have a low level of elastic degradation even after a season of washing

4-Layer ultralight chamois - The PAS Bibs use the same pad found in our other bibs. After multiple rounds of feedback from consumers and pros, Pas Normal Studios decided to keep the much-loved signature pad found in our other bib shorts and tights


  • Race fit built on our Mechanism Pro collection
  • Unique structurally mapped fabric developed by Pas Normal Studios
  • Zones of variable 4D-stretch integrated in the fabric
  • Silicone-free grip woven into the lower part of the leg
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Soft and silk-like texture for comfort and second skin feel
  • Abrasion resistant and fully dyed
  • Radio pocket integrated into the back mesh
  • 4-Layer ultralight foam chamois placed to give comfort in a position optimised for
  • speed

Pas Normal Studios PAS Bib Short Sizing

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