Prologo Dimension Nack Saddle

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Dimension Nack Saddle
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The Prologo Dimension Nack Saddle has been tailored towards optimum performance and comfort, with a focus on preventing perineal area problems.

With its short nose and Nack rail construction, the overall weight has been brought down to a mere 149 grams while the 143mm width aids weight distribution for long distance comfort. Additionally, the PAS channel that runs along the centre of the saddle helps to reduce numbness.

Prologo Dimension Nack Saddle

Ride with greater comfort, performance and efficiency with the Prologo Dimension Saddle. Utilising lightweight Nack rails, the overall weight is only 149 grams, while the short nose helps reduce any pressure buildup in the front area. This design is suited towards aggressive positions and those that like to ride frequently on the drops.

With its light foam padding and ergonomic profile, the Dimension is 143mm wide, perfect for tackling long distance rides at speed. Completed with a wide anatomical 'PAS' channel along the saddles' centre, pressure buildups are reduced, removing unwanted numbness during tough rides.


  • Size: 245 x 143mm
  • Rails : Nack 7x9.3mm carbon fibre
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light foam
  • Weight: 149 grams

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