Prologo Dimension T4.0 Saddle

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Dimension T4.0 Saddle

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Prologo Dimension T4.0 Saddle

Developed with professional riders on the road, the Prologo Dimension T4.0 Saddle blends comfort, performance and style within a lightweight design. Equally suitable for male and female riders, the V-shaped, semi-round, shorter nosed profile guarantees sit bone support and dissipates pressure when the pelvis is rotated into an aggressive, powerful riding position. The profile is complemented by a wide central cut out that eliminates stress on the sensitive perineum area, effectively cancelling uncomfortable numbness.

The durable composite base offers a certain amount of compliance to reduce road vibrations and is covered with high-density padding that affords seating stability and shock absorption. The saddle is completed with strong 7mm diameter T4.0 rails that fit perfectly into any seatpost saddle clamp design.


  • A saddle developed with professional riders to perfectly blend comfort, performance and style
  • Unisex design
  • The semi-round, V-Shape, short-nose profile ensures maximum sit bone support when a more aggressive riding position is adopted
  • The PAS (Perineal Area System) uses a large central cut out to improve blood flow, eliminate nerve impingement and reduce numbness in a rider’s sensitive areas
  • The V-profile and PAS cut out combine to allow the pelvis to rotate forwards for more power
  • High-density foam padding dissipates pressure and reduces shock on harsh surfaces
  • The durable composite base grants stability and compliance
  • 7mm diameter T4.0 rails are light but strong
  • Dimensions: 245mm x 143mm (L x W)
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 208 grams

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