Restrap Rando Bag Small 11L

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Rando Bag Small 11L

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Providing the tourer or explorer with 11 litres of storage capacity on their front rack, the Restrap Rando Bag Small 11L is made for smaller adventures.

With dimensions made to match the Specialized Pizza Front Rack, this bag uses military-grade waterproof fabrics for top protection of your items on the road. A handy shoulder strap and proprietary magnetic fastenings keep the bag in situ, this is a great option for anyone wanting to explore.

Restrap Rando Bag Small 11L

The Restrap Rando Bag Small 11L is an ideal choice for the rider wanting a neatly sized back to sit perfectly on their front rack. Ideal for touring, commuting or adventure riding, for those moments when you want to keep small items close to hand, this bag excels. Quickly removed and carried over the shoulder using a handy strap, when you walk away from your bike and into the shops, the Rando bag is simply perfect.

Designed to match up perfectly with the Specialized Pizza Rack for size, this rack bag is made from military-grade waterproof fabrics for supreme protection of your goods in transit. Super tough and robust, this bag stores up to 11 litres of your items and sits steadfast thanks to patented magnetic fastenings. A rear buckle QR attachment further secures the bag, you can be sure that this won't budge.

100% handmade in Yorkshire, UK, this bag boasts easy access pockets and a clear PVC top for storing your map and keeping it dry as you explore those smaller lanes.


  • Rack mounted porteur bag
  • Ideal for touring, bike packing or adventure cycling
  • Military-grade waterproof fabrics
  • Patented magnetic fastenings
  • Handy shoulder strap
  • Easy access pockets
  • Quick release rack attachment
  • Capacity: 11 litres
  • Dimensions: W:30 x H:20 x D:20cm
  • 100% handmade in Yorkshire, England

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