Rule 28 Aero Base Layer


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Rule 28
Aero Base Layer

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Rule 28 Aero Base Layer

Designed to work in conjunction with the brand's 1.1 Neo Suit, this Aero Base Layer provides significant drag reduction when paired with any skinsuit with untextured fabrics on the sleeves. Developed in the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, the Rule 28 Aero Base Layer creates macro subsurface structures to trip the boundary layer of air flowing over the arms, yielding aerodynamic savings significantly greater than traditional textured fabrics. Save around 20 watts (tested at 45kph) when pairing this Aero Base Layer with the brand's Neo Suit 1.1. Rule 28's product tester saved 20 watts at this speed, but results will vary between riders.

The white/black Base Layer has been optimised for speeds up to 50km/h, and the white/white for speeds above 50km/h.

Protected under patent no. EP3213911B1.


  • 2/3 length sleeve - the upper arm is where the most aero gains are found
  • Can be worn under short sleeve jerseys for road racing
  • For best results, use with a smooth armed suit like Rule 28's 1.1 Neo Suit
  • Used by Men's and Women's Tour De France Winners Tadej Pogacar and Demi Vollering
  • Fully UCI Legal - approved for Paris 2024

Rule 28 Aero Base Layer Sizing

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