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SRAM Force22 Rear Shift/Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

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When you’re on the hunt for a replacement or new flat mount rear shift/front hydraulic disc brake, look no further than the SRAM Force22 Rear Shift/Front Hydraulic Disc Brake.

This combination offers incredible power through your fingertips, allowing you to stop on a dime, whilst the carbon brake levers cut down weight and increase durability. The Individual Reach Adjust allows you to dial in your perfect fit. A perfect addition to any SRAM groupset.

SRAM Force22 Rear Shift/Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

Providing better speed modulation and braking performance in all conditions, the flat mount SRAM Force22 Rear Shift/Front Hydraulic Disc Brake is the ideal addition to your road/cyclocross bike if you need that extra power at your fingertips. Everything has been redesigned to enhance efficiency and power when braking/shifting, combining the durability of a fully seamed system to eliminate contamination, alongside a carbon brake lever to reduce weight.

The lever has been developed with ergonomics in mind, allowing you to wrap your fingers around in comfort and with ample levels of clearance. The Individual Reach Adjust technology also ensures you can tailor braking/shifting to your specific needs.

DoubleTap® makes changing gears easier and faster, eliminating the cumbersome and awkward engagement associated with two-lever systems. DoubleTap handles up and downshifts in one short, sweeping motion, with minimal effort and maximum comfort no matter where you are on the bars.

If you fancy yourself as a mechanical aficionado, SRAM has also made access to bleeding easier than ever, so grab your hydraulic brake bleeding kit and give it a go without having to dismantle the entire system. Compatible with SRAM Road 1x and 2x drivetrains, the Force22 Rear Shift/Front Hydraulic Disc Brake is a great addition to your current system, or if you’re upgrading and need to compliment your 1x or 2x drivetrain with something equally as performance-focused, choose this.

Please note, this product is specific to fit flat mount frames and forks. The calipers are designed to fit 160mm and 140mm Centreline rotors.


SRAM RED® 22, Force 22 & Rival 22 Yaw™ front derailleurs/ Exact Actuation™ rear derailleurs/ SRAM RED® 22, Force 1, Force 22 & Rival 22 HRR & HRD


  • All new design inside and out
  • Revised ergonomics for better finger wrap and a revised shifter paddle for improved finger clearance
  • Individual Reach Adjust
  • Carbon brake levers/ aluminum shift levers
  • Low hand force required
  • Fully sealed system for no contamination
  • Easy bleed access
  • Use this 11-speed shifter for both SRAM Road 1x and 2x drivetrains
  • Optimised stopping power and modulation for cyclocross
  • 18mm front/ 18mm rear pistons
  • Specific caliper and piston ratio
  • 160 or 140 Centerline rotors sold separately
  • Forged aluminum disc caliper with steel-backed organic pads and stainless hardware
  • Now available to fit flat mount frames and forks

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