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SRM THM Clavicula M3 Power Meter System (Including PC8)


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The SRM THM Clavicula M3 Power Meter System (Including PC8) is the absolute ultimate in power meter systems, combining immaculate carbon construction, unparalleled accuracy as well as SRM's very own PC8 display unit - a staple of the pro-peloton.

The entire package, chainset and PC8 delivers for a shade over 750 grams, making this a power meter package that marks the height in innovative data and performance monitoring.

SRM THM Clavicula M3 Power Meter System (Including PC8)

The SRM THM Clavicula M3 Power Meter System (Including PC8) is the ultimate performance power metering system, crafted by hand to the most exacting of standards. Featuring the latest in carbon fibre technology and industry leading power sensing calibration, the chainset alone is the product of painstaking refinement - and that's neglecting to mention the pro-level PC8 cycle computer included as standard in this power meter system package.

Firstly, with a crank formed of hand-laid carbon fibre, this crank and its M3 crank arms offer the best weight to stiffness ratios ever seen. Available with a range of crank arm lengths, this chainset fits easily with threaded BSA, BB30, PF30 and BB86 PressFit frames. Melding premium carbon fibre with a high-strength aluminium spindle, this is in itself an engineering marvel. The real talking point though is the seamless power meter integration.

Taking measurements from 8 strain gauges relying on a 144 point calibration protocol, this integrated power meter boasts a scientifically proven accuracy of ±1%. With each SRM Power Meter unit hand made, one by one to ensure the very best quality, these units are sealed from the elements and feature an auto offset feature to compensate for temperature whilst maintaining accuracy.

Compatible with ANT+ Sport head units, and boasting a 1900 hour battery life, this 662 gram chainset with integrated power meter comes with a three-year global manufacturer's warranty, reflecting SRM's confidence in the quality and durability of their creation.

The final inclusion of the PC8 really completes this bundle, offering a customisable and personalised viewing platform on which to interpret the numerous and high scrutiny results that the power meter detects. With its own battery life ranging from 10 to 45 hours and featuring GPS tracking, a barometric altimeter, 500mb of memory (the equivalent of around 4000 hours of riding time) and weighing just 93 grams in total, this cycle computer is unparalleled both in collection, interfacing and display of results. Collecting and producing data in the form of .fit formatted files, you can analyse performance in detail, and with actual scientific resonance.

All delivered within a 755-gram net weight, the SRM THM Clavicular M3 Power Meter System (Inc PC8) is at the very top end of the market, performing just as well for the pros as it will for you.


  • Carbon chainset with integrated power meter weighing just over 662 grams
  • ±1% accuracy (Scientifically Proven)
  • Sensor and crank crafted individually by hand in Germany
  • Compatible with threaded BSA, BB30, PF30, and BB86 PressFit frames
  • Seamless power meter integration with included PC8 computer
  • Auto-offset feature compensates for temperature whilst maintaining accuracy
  • Each sensor unit is element proof
  • A three-year global-warranty
  • SRM sensor uses a 144 point calibration protocol
  • Power measurement of the SRM has error of less than 1%
  • Spider Q-Factor of 148 mm
  • ANT+ Sport compatible
  • 1900 hour battery life
  • Three year global manufacturer's warranty
  • 662 gram chainset
  • PC8 features GPS tracking, barometric altimeter, 500mb of memory
  • PC8 weighs 93 grams, and has a battery life of 10-45 hours
  • Includes handlebar mount

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