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Shimano GRX 810 Dropper Post Release Lever & Caliper - Left Hand

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Control the seatpost on your drop-bar bike with this Shimano GRX 810 Dropper Release lever for the left hand and pair it with the powerful braking of a rear GRX caliper.

The anti-slip lever inspires confidence in all conditions and on any trail and the ergonomic design is comfortable enough to combat the stresses of vibrations or rough surfaces.

At the back the rear caliper is powerful, dissipating heat and shedding mud to maintain performance when you are braking hard.

Shimano GRX 810 Dropper Release Lever & Caliper

Part of Shimano's gravel-specific GRX range of components, this package combines a GRX 810 Dropper Release Lever and rear Brake Caliper, so you can swiftly react to changes in trail conditions with a quick flick of your left hand. With Shimano's innovative Servowave technology less force is required to achieve powerful braking performance, which is perfect for the often rough and unpredictable nature of riding gravel trails where your hands may have a less positive connection with the bars due to vibrations and bumps. Thankfully an anti-slip lever with textured finish delivers assured grip in any conditions and the reach adjust is easy to set so that the handling and feel are perfectly set up to suit your individual needs.

The caliper delivers control and powerful braking where the terrain is mixed and the surface unreliable. Heat and mud are dissipated quickly and tool access for maintenance is convenient so that bleeding and ongoing fine-tuning are hassle-free.


  • Dropper Post Release Lever:
  • Control the dropper seatpost with this left-hand lever
  • Servowave Action technology means less force required for greater stopping power
  • Gravel inspired lever and bracket ergonomics
  • Anti-slip brake lever
  • Greater mixed-terrain control
  • Clamp band inner diameter: 23.8-24.2mm
  • Lever type: brake and adjustable seatpost
  • Reach adjust with tool
  • 9 mm max cable stroke
  • Streamlined cockpit minimises stress and distractions
  • Caliper:
  • Great control over mixed-terrain riding
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Flat mount and anti-mud specification
  • Convenient tool access
  • Simple wheel replacement
  • Easy and clean bleeding system

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