Shimano Ultegra ST-R8170 Hydraulic Di2 Front Right Lever and Caliper



Ultegra ST-R8170 Hydraulic Di2 Front Right Lever and Caliper

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Shimano Ultegra ST-R8170 Hydraulic Di2 Front Right Lever and Caliper

Shimano’s 12-speed Ultegra ST-R8170 Hydraulic Di2 Front Right Lever and Caliper combines wireless, electronic shifting with the latest brake technology. 

Wireless communication keeps the cockpit clutter-free, with the shifter using a long-lasting, replaceable CR1632 battery. Enlarged lever blades make it easier to use them with long-fingered gloves on, but the lightness of touch required to actuate a shift remains similar to the older iteration. Convenient shift modes like full and semi synchronised shifting can be set using the smartphone app.

Brake lever reach is adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes and the auto-adjust design of the hydraulic system ensures that the brake feel is the same regardless of pad wear. Servo Wave technology, borrowed from mountain biking, adds extra power and modulation for increased confidence whilst also giving greater pad clearance. Oversized ceramic pistons, combined with the finned pads, ensure excellent temperature control.

Even ease of maintenance has been improved, with the one-way internal fluid circuit and separate bleed port and valve screw simplifying the bleeding process.


  • High-performance Ultegra Wireless hydraulic Servo Wave disc brake Di2 STIs give control, modulation and power with minimal effort in all riding conditions
  • Operates rear derailleur and front brake
  • Wireless connectivity to the front and rear derailleurs for effortless trouble-free gear shifts
  • With Di2 technology shifting is easy and precise - just a light touch, as soft as a mouse click, is sufficient for the front or rear derailleur to instantaneously select the correct gear
  • Full and semi synchronised shifting programable
  • Synchro shift compatible meaning a single shifter can control both front and rear shifting which can be fully custom tuned to your riding preferences
  • Semi synchronised shifting means when a front shift is made the rear mech will automatically correct to the appropriate ratio
  • Simply pressing tactile buttons allows effortless and comfortable shifting even when your hands are cold
  • Drop bar STI with shift buttons located in a near identical place to the positions you'd assume shifting using a mechanical Shimano STI
  • Hydraulic brake lever with Servo Wave provides excellent stopping power with less effort especially from the hood position
  • Hydraulic reservoir tank provides pad to rotor clearance auto-adjust maintaining braking performance during pad wear
  • Finely tuneable reach adjusters for the levers enable custom fitment for all hands
  • Levers use CR1632 batteries which last for approximately 1.5-2 years
  • Front wheel use for flat mount forks
  • Oversized 22mm ceramic pistons optimised for heat insulation, lightweight and stiffness
  • Opposed 2-piston design reduces leading effect and optimal pad wear increases braking control
  • Increased pad to rotor clearance reduces the chance of rotor drag
  • Direct flat mount and open design allows easy and quick wheel replacement
  • Forged calliper design is lightweight and rigid
  • One-way internal fluid circuit makes bleeding easy
  • Mineral oil brake fluid is non-corrosive and less hazardous than conventional hydraulic brake fluid
  • Shim-less mounting bracket allows for quick installation and setting up
  • Recommended for use with Ice Tech FREEZA Center Lock SM-MT800 rotors for optimum braking performance
  • Comes complete with resin compound aluminium radiation fin pad further improves heat dissipation reducing brake surface temperature by 50°C
  • Inline hose routing for low profile design
  • Separate bleed port and valve screw for improved bleeding process
  • Kit contains bled ST-R8170 STI, BR-R8170 flat mount brake callipers with pads, hoses and mineral oil (without rotors or adapters)

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