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Specialized S-Works 6 Torch Edition Road Shoe

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Available as part of the extremely limited Specialized Torch collection, the Specialized S-Works 6 Torch Edition Road Shoe has graced the feet of some of the world's top professional cyclists and is favoured for its comfortable, lightweight and stiff design.

A secure fit is catered for with the inclusion of a dual-Boa closure system and a PadLock heel. Compatible with 3 bolt cleats, this shoe is as durable as it is fast, making it one of the most competent cycling shoes on the market.

Specialized S-Works 6 Torch Edition Road Shoe

Available in extremely limited numbers and only to carefully selected retailers, the Specialized Torch collection truly embodies the history of our great sport. Sporting an inspirational colour scheme that accentuates the flame, you'll be turning heads as you power past the rest of the peloton.

Moving on from the original S-Works road shoe, the 6 features a redesigned footbed and sole, which has been honed and tested by Specialized's Body Geometry scientists to support and enhance lasting comfort throughout the entire pedal stroke for the duration of your ride. The Body Geometry design also reduces the threat of injury by optimising hip, knee and foot alignment. The result is a shoe that provides one of the most efficient pedalling strokes for a top-level pro shoe.

Also helping to maximise this efficiency in the transfer of power through the pedal is the redesigned FACT Powerline carbon plate. This is the stiffest and lightest plate that Specialized have ever used in their shoes and the result is a whole new level of power transfer and efficiency. The sole has a three-hole cleat pattern with positionable holes for the optimum fit.

For the upper, Specialized have gone back to the drawing board to create a single piece exterior and interior construction. This not only makes the shoe lighter, but also increases the structural integrity of the shoe for a better and more lasting fit. The last of the shoe is now machine made for the highest levels of accuracy and for a roomy toe box that ensures circulation and breathability.

The material on the inside arch and heel area is the ultra-strong, space-age Dyneema® Cubic Tech™ direction fibre. This material is thermo-bonded and creates a supreme level of unidirectional stiffness, yet is still torsionally flexible for getting the shoe on and off. It is, in fact, the same material used for the space shuttle parachutes, so you know you are really wearing something cutting-edge. The result is, yet again, higher efficiency through the pedal stroke with greater support and retention of the heel and Achilles.

The redesigned heel cup utilises the PadLock mould as part of the one-piece Stroble upper to dramatically reduce the threat of tension and injury in both the heel and the Achilles. The slightly wider foot hole also reduces tension and pressure buildup on the top of the ankle so you can keep pedalling for longer.

For the closure system, Specialized have gone with the on-the-go micro-adjustability of the Boa S2-Snap dials alongside a velcro strap. The Boa dials are fully customisable with a range of colours on offer (sold separately) so you can really make these shoes your own.


  • Limited edition orange and yellow Torch colour scheme
  • Body Geometry sole and footbed are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce chance of injury by optimising hip, knee, and foot alignment
  • The stiffest and lightest FACT Powerline™ (patent pending) carbon plate to maximise power transfer
  • Dyneema® Cubic Tech™ directional fibres are thermo-bonded to create no stretch zones for ultimate connection
  • Independent Boa® S2-Snap dials for on-the-fly micro-adjustment, backed by the Boa® Lifetime Guarantee
  • PadLock moulded heel and one-piece stroble upper for superior fit
  • Titanium alloy cleat nuts can rotate to position pedal/cleats 5mm rearward
  • Non-slip, replaceable heel tread with internally recessed screws for security
  • Form Fit last with roomy toe box for ultimate connectivity and comfort
  • Three-bolt cleat pattern fits all major road pedals
  • Approximate weight: 224g

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