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Thomson Masterpiece Inline Seatpost

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Thomson Masterpiece Inline Seatpost

Using a sophisticated composition and mating this with expert manufacturing, the Thomson Masterpiece Inline Seatpost is a perfect choice for any high-end road bike build.

Integral-machining shapes a single piece of 7000-series aluminium to infuse resilience and extended fatigue life into this seatpost. This inherent strength cancels any chances of catastrophic failure giving the rider peace of mind over heavily rutted road surfaces. The inner diameter is also skilfully machined to create an oval format that reduces the weight markedly without sacrificing any structural integrity.

Thomson’s renowned saddle clamp features extended grip lengths so that even carbon-railed saddles can be attached without the risk of being subjected to high peak loads. This saddle clamp offers a vast range of tilt adjustment while its inline position allows a modern, more forward saddle position for higher power outputs.


  • A lightweight but incredibly strong seatpost that is perfect for any high-end road bike build
  • The tube and the head are integral-machined to incredibly precise tolerances from one single piece of 7000-series aluminium for superior strength
  • Oval inner diameter reduces the weight but retains the stiffness and strength
  • The saddle clamp has a long, 41mm grip length to reduce peak forces on the saddle rails
  • The double bolt saddle clamp can be tilted from minus 5° to 29° to cater for all riding positions
  • Low clamp profile reduces incidences of interference with saddle bases
  • The head and upper tube are strong enough to withstand 325 foot-lbs of torque while the seatpost clamping area can resist up to 230 foot-lbs to afford ultimate safety
  • Inline clamp configuration
  • Claimed manufacturers weight: 196 grams (27.2 x 330mm), 197 grams (31.6 x 350mm)

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