Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer

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KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer

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Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer

The latest innovative training product from Wahoo, the KICKR ROLLR Smart Trainer brings together the natural ride feel of rollers with Smart performance and the convenience of a wheel-on system. This feature-packed unit can accommodate tyres up to 2.1” (53mm) wide and a range of frame sizes thanks to the quick-release adjustable wheelbase clamp.

As there's no need to remove the rear wheel, it's ideal for pre-race warm-ups as you can go quickly from riding the ROLLRs to riding on the tarmac without the need for setup tweaks. A safety tyre gripper secures and stabilises the front wheel, making it easier to use this system than it is to ride traditional rollers, so you can focus on your training and even put in big, out-of-the-saddle efforts without worry.

Combine the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR with any ANT+ based power meter so you can get the full benefits of training with power. Suiting any type of rider, readings are accurate to within +/- 1% of the power meter and measure up to 1500-watt outputs so even the strongest sprinters are catered for. By using the same power meter indoors and out, measurements are consistent no matter the type of ride.  

With this purchase, you will also receive a 14 day free trial of Wahoo SYSTM, a comprehensive training app with a diverse workout library. The science-based approach to training, with options for cycling, running and swimming sessions, plus yoga, bodyweight-based strength and mental training, opens up your workouts to a whole new immersive world, helping you achieve your goals.


  • AC power adapter


  • KICKR ROLLR safety tyre gripper can hold up to a 2.1” (53mm) tyre to keep your bike upright and secure
  • Connect Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power pedals to get the benefits of training with power (available separately)
  • Train with SYSTM and design your custom training plans, and ride along on location videos for an immersive training experience
  • Maximum power: 1500 watts
  • Accuracy: To within +/- 1% of the power meter used
  • Dimensions: 39.9” x 11.1” / 101cm x 28cm
  • Resistance type: Electromagnetic
  • Power requirements: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60 Hz
  • Power meter compatibility: KICKR ROLLR works with any ANT+ power meter
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (up to three simultaneous connections) / ANT+ / FE-C
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 22.6kg / 50lb

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