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Wolf Tooth Components ReMote 31.8mm Clamp for Drop Handlebars



Wolf Tooth Components
ReMote 31.8mm Clamp for Drop Handlebars

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Product ID: 897737

The Wolf Tooth Components ReMote 31.8mm Clamp for Drop Handlebars solves all the issues commonly associated with dropper remotes.

Installation and adjustment is simple and quick, and you can control your dropper seatpost with high precision. The lever provides high traction for control in all conditions, clamps to 31.8mm drop bars and is compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts.

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote 31.8mm Clamp for Drop Handlebars

Control the dropper seatpost on your cross bike, with the Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Clamp. Designed to clamp to 31.8mm drop handlebars, the dropper cable attaches to the lever, which sits close to the bar for easy access.

A ReMote barrel adjuster means adjustment on the fly are possible, and eliminates the rattles of inline cable adjusters. The lever itself has been machined for high grip, so you retain traction and full dropper post functionality in all conditions.

In the event of a crash, the breakaway axle pivot means the lever will break away from the base first, and is an easy part to replace.

Compatibility: Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts


  • The new ReMote solves all common dropper remote complaints in a compact, ergonomic, and sturdy package
  • Smooth ball bearing action
  • Construction: 6061 T6 Aluminum with Delrin Axle
  • Mounting type: ReMote 31.8mm - attach with one Nm max
  • UpFront cable fixing: The dropper cable is attached at the lever, making setup and adjustment quick and easy
  • Cable-kind clamp: A precision-machined cable path and custom clamping screw with captive washer won’t damage cables like more common set screws. As an added bonus, cables can be cut to length and crimped prior to securing
  • Low-profile lever: The ReMote lever sits close to the bar, minimising the distance the thumb must be removed from the grip while reducing the likelihood of knee contact in technical terrain
  • Integrated cable adjustment: The ReMote solidly-mounted barrel adjuster makes on-the-fly adjustments quick and easy while eliminating the rattles caused by common inline cable adjusters
  • Breakaway axle pivot: The ReMote features an engineered failure point, allowing the lever to break away from its base in the event of a crash. Replacement axles are inexpensive and readily available from Wolf Tooth Components
  • High-traction lever: A machined surface ensures that control is not lost - even in the worst of conditions
  • Broad compatibility: The ReMote has been tested and is recommended for use with many cable-actuated dropper posts
  • Weight: 39 grams

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