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XLab Torpedo Reload Kit Clear/Red

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The perfect addition to your Torpedo 100 or 400 System, the Xlab Torpedo Reload Kit Red allows you to keep aerodynamic, stops the need to swap bottles and lose valuable time and is simple and easy to use.

XLab Torpedo Reload Kit Red

The perfect addition to your Torpedo 100 or 400 System, the Xlab Torpedo Reload Kit Red allows you to keep aerodynamic, stops the need to swap bottles and lose valuable time and is simple and easy to use.

Using two lid options, split and solid openings. The Solid Refill Lid is designed to get energy powder, tablets and fluid easily and rapidly into your Torpedo bottle. The second option is the Slotted Refill Lid , like a coin slot, ideal again for used for adding tablets and fluid. An easily accessible refill area is positioned behind the computer meaning the computer screen can be kept clean & clear and you can refuel and get going without losing speed and valuable time.

Part of the aerobar range of products, the Torpedo System took four years to develop and since then has taken athletes to Ironman World titles and 70.3 victories. The number one selling system of this type in the World, never has hydrating on the bike been so fast.

XLab as a brand was created over twenty years ago by Craig Turner in San Diego, USA and over that period has developed XLab equipment using state of the art computer aided design and wind tunnel testing to take XLab products to 24 World Triathlon Championships.

The Torpedo System is an incredibly aerodynamic front mounted hydration device. Horizontally mounted it is discrete in wind tunnel tests as it has a 70% less frontal area than the majority of vertically mounted bottles. The tests also concluded that the system actually produced zero drag, an amazing feat for a product boasting so many features.

This aerodynamically efficient profile is a lot down to the Airflow Straightener and Kamm Tail design. Producing 50% less drag by channelling airflow over the system.

Zero drag is further achieved with the crucial position the system sits in. Tucked neatly between the arms and being adjustable means the system can sit flush with the arms, creating zero drag in crosswinds.

The straw has even had the aerodynamic treatment, folding down, when not in use, for a clean and streamlined profile over the top of the bottle.

Great for long distance time trials, triathlons on hot days, 70.3 and Ironman events where one bottle is often not enough and refuelling and staying on top of your hydration is key.

The perfect upgrade for your existing XLab Torpedo mount and cage systems.

XLAB System Guide

With all XLab products the trusted and simple to use System Guide provides plenty of information for the avid triathlete who wants to know what products will suit their event. The Torpedo Refill Upgrade Kit is designed to be used for a multitude of distances. As well as sprint triathlons it is also perfect for Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman events.


  • 2 straw positions combined with cage & mount adjustments allows for ideal straw positioning
  • Included bite valve allows for fluid intake only, no air intake preventing bottle distortion
  • Bite valve keeps fluid at top of the straw for faster drinking
  • Solid Refill Lid is ideal for adding powder, tablets and fluid
  • Slotted Refill Lid is ideal for adding tablets and fluid
  • Refill area is located behind the computer preventing liquid from splashing the computer screen
  • Versatile refuelling on the go, reduce time spent in feed stations
  • One piece bottle construction prevents leaking
  • Bottle made in the USA and is lead free, BPA-Free and HDPE food safe certified
  • 26 oz bottle size (768 mL)
  • Sits further back on the aerobars to allow better control and steering for the rider
  • Kit Includes - Bottle, Straw, Bite valve split and slotted lid's, Dolphin Tail straw retainer, Aero spacers for height adjustment, Hardware and comprehensive instructions.

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