Zone3 Vision Wetsuit

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Vision Wetsuit

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Zone3 Vision Wetsuit

The Zone3 Vision Wetsuit uses ten different types of eco-friendly, stretchy and warm neoprene to guarantee performance, comfort and durability when training, racing or open water exploring.

A Yamamoto 39 neoprene X-10 one-piece Free-Flex shoulder panel heightens flexibility to help increase the efficiency of the swimming stroke, while 5mm thick buoyancy panels on the torso and legs help the wearer to maintain a more streamlined position in the water. These buoyancy panels are complemented by a Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the chest that maximises the distance achieved with each arm pull.

Aerodrome material that uses air bubbles within its construction is situated in key zones to further improve float while lowering the suit's weight. All the materials are finished with SCS or AQUA-X surface coatings to minimise drag and increase speed. High stretch linings combine with a laser-cut collar to reduce chafing, and Pro-Speed arm and leg cuffs ensure the suit can be taken off quickly in transition.


  • A comfortable, performance-based wetsuit for training, racing and open-water exploring
  • Ten different materials are used in the construction to ensure maximum performance, comfort and durability
  • Highly flexible and warm neoprene is used throughout the design
  • Yamamoto 39 neoprene SCS Free-Flex shoulder panel design provides high levels of flexibility, comfort and efficiency with each stroke
  • X-10 one-piece shoulder panel extends across the chest and shoulders to give more flexibility and comfort
  • 5mm buoyancy panels on the torso and legs help the swimmer maintain a streamlined posture
  • Aerodome material on the hip panels uses air bubbles built between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant
  • Body Rotation Enhancement (B.R.E.) panel on the chest helps maximise body roll and distance per stroke
  • High stretch inner lining throughout
  • SCS and AQUA-X surface coatings are used to minimise drag and increase speed through the water
  • Pro-Speed arm and leg cuffs offer superior suit removal speed
  • Laser precision cut collar provides a comfortable fit around the neck
  • Eco-Friendly neoprene is derived from naturally occurring limestone and utilises scrap rubber tyres

Zone3 Vision Wetsuit Sizing

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