Workshop Servicing - FAQ

What time would I need to drop my bike off for a service by?

We would ask you to deliver your bike to us, on the day of the service, no later than 10am. Please ensure it arrives in a clean state.

Do you provide a time slot to carry out the service on my bike?

We do not offer a specific time slot to carry out the service on your bike. Should you wish to wait while you have your bike serviced please provide us with as much notice as possible.

Will my bike be serviced on the same day I bring it in?

We will strive to get your bike serviced and finished before the end of that day - depending on the availability of spares.

Is there a cost involved, should my bike need to be cleaned ahead of it being serviced?

If we have to clean your bike, an additional charge of £15 per bike will apply.

Should my bike require new parts, will I be informed before these are fitted?

You will get a phone call from the mechanic to confirm prices with you before any new parts are fitted. We will not continue with any work until we have spoken to you first, so accurate contact details are essential. Any worn/broken parts will be disposed of unless otherwise requested.

When is the latest time I can pick my bike up, once serviced?

Your bike must be collected within a week of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time.

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