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Commuter Cycling Clothing

Commuting to work by bike is a great way to get some exercise, save money and reduce pollution.  Whether it’s every day come rain or shine or just occasionally when you feel like it, a few inexpensive pieces of clothing could revolutionise your cycle commuting experience. For less than the cost of a couple of tanks of fuel, your commute can be made safer, more comfortable and easier. Here are Sigma Sports’ suggestions for your commuting wardrobe.

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Specialized Align MIPS Helmet

Commuter Helmets

A good, properly fitting cycling helmet is vital for safe travel by bike, and probably no more so than when commuting alongside traffic in busy towns. Modern helmets are light and comfortable as well as protective so that they are barely noticeable in use, with some including advanced safety features for even greater assurance.

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Our Favourite Commute Ready Helmets

Universal Colours Rain Jacket

Commuter Jackets

With changeable weather and a potentially huge difference in conditions between morning and evening, a decent cycling jacket is a must. Options vary between lightweight, highly packable showerproof jackets that are great for occasional use and more robust, fully waterproof pieces for hardy, all-weather commuters. Whichever is right for you, a hi-viz colour is excellent for increasing visibility and safety.

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Our Favourite Commute Ready Jackets

Universal Colours Cycling Shorts

Commuter Shorts

Commuting all but the shortest distances will be made far more pleasant by wearing a padded cycling short, whether worn on its own or under a pair of overshorts. The padding provides protection and comfort whilst the stretchy, close fit gives snag-free freedom of movement for pedalling.

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Our Favourite Commute Ready Bike Shorts

Universal Colours Gloves

Commuter Gloves

Summer gloves provide comfort when holding the handlebar whilst winter gloves protect against any rain, cold and wind as well. Cycling-specific gloves are dexterous enough to safely operate the gears and brakes with many also offering the ability to use a touchscreen device. 

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Our Favourite Commute Ready Gloves

Universal Colours Cap

Commuter Headwear

Ranging from lightweight summer caps that shield your eyes from the sun and soak up sweat to fully waterproof, thermal winter hats with earflaps, under helmet cycling headwear is a great way to regulate your temperature and stay comfortable in any weather.

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Our Favourite Commute Ready Headwear

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