The Cannondale Topstone is named after the Cannondale team’s favourite dirt road loop: a perfect name for a range of their top tier gravel bikes that are, in the manufacturer’s words, “Ready for wherever the journey takes you”. The Topstone range has something for all levels, whether you’re looking to liven up your commute or take your bike off-road onto more adventurous trails.

In this blog post we’ll introduce you to the Cannondale Topstone range and answer some common questions that crop up in online discussions about the bike. The goal is to give you the info you need to make an informed decision on whether this is the right bike for you.

If you have questions that aren’t covered here, get in touch. Our experts will be happy to help.

Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Toptube
Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Wheel
Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Headtube


What is the Cannondale Topstone?

Bike Radar describes the Topstone as a “road-adjacent gravel bike to take you from commute to trail”, which is a fine description of the range’s position and capability. For riders looking to push their boundaries and explore a new discipline, but who don’t feel ready to commit to a bike they can’t commute on, a gravel bike like the Topstone is a fine choice.

Ready for off-road trails but still able to perform in urban environments, the Topstone represents a perfect bike for riders with an interest in both settings.

Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike on Gravel

Is the Cannondale Topstone a gravel bike?

Yes, the Topstone is an out and out gravel bike. Cannondale has bestowed the bikes with a range of features and design components to facilitate this type of ride, including:

  • Topstone Alloy: a strong and pliable frame material to give confidence and reliability on any surface.
  • Gravel geometry: upright enough to keep you comfortable and in control, but forward enough to facilitate speed.
  • Three mounting points on each leg of the front fork: ideal for attaching panniers, mudguards or other accessories that make off-road riding easier.
  • Additional mounting points on the frame: three bottles, top tube storage, and rack mounts combine to give your Topstone a lot of carrying capacity.

Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Frame

Is the Topstone an endurance bike?

Endurance bikes are road bikes with geometry that enables a more upright riding position than race bikes, which have a more aggressive, forward-facing riding position.

While the Topstone shares geometric similarities with endurance bikes – i.e., a more upright position - the design features outlined above mark this as a gravel bike.

Is the Topstone an electric gravel bike?

Electric bikes are becoming more frequent additions to manufacturers’ line-ups, and the Topstone is no different. There are a handful of electric gravel bikes in the Topstone Neo range.

Each of these bikes offers electric assist up to speeds of 15.5 mph / 25 km/h: enough to keep you moving on tricky gradients, into headwinds, or wherever else.

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Cannondale Topstone NEO Electric Gravel Bike

Is the Topstone a good entry-level gravel bike?

Riders with little to no gravel experience may be curious about whether this bike is a good choice for newcomers to the discipline. In terms of price point and design, the Topstone is well-suited to beginners. There are bikes at entry level price points to choose from, all of which are designed to perform on gravel.

Does Cannondale Topstone have suspension?

Some bikes in the Topstone range have Cannondale’s iconic Lefty Oliver suspension fork: a single fork on the left side of the front tyre.

Be aware that models with a Lefty fork need a specialist hub on the front wheel, meaning your options for switching out wheels are limited.

Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Lefty Fork

What is the widest tyre you can put on a Cannondale Topstone?

The Topstone can accommodate tyres of up to 40mm in width on a 700c wheel and up to 48mm wide tyres on a 650b wheel.

Is the Cannondale Topstone tubeless-ready?

Yes, Topstone bikes come with tubeless-ready wheels, meaning you can easily switch to tubeless tyres. For gravel riding you may find this a preferable setup as the prospect of punctures is removed.

Cannondale Topstone Gravel Bike Wheels

Is the Topstone SmartSense compatible?

SmartSense is Cannondale’s innovative system of integrated lights and rear-facing radar, designed to keep you safe and visible when riding in low-light conditions. While not every bike in the Topstone range comes with the tech as standard, those without are SmartSense ready and can be upgraded with ease.

Cannondale SmartSense

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The Topstone is a great gravel bike with a strong pedigree and a suite of appealing design features. We hope this blog post has answered your Cannondale Topstone questions: if you’re still curious about the Topstone or any other bikes (gravel or otherwise), feel free to get in touch with our team. One of our experts will be happy to connect you with the bike/s that best fit your need.

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