In this article we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Orbea Rise. After reading, you’ll have a broadened understanding of the bike, its position in the marketplace, its capabilities, and much more. The goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether the Rise is the right electric mountain bike for you.

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What is the Orbea Rise?

The Orbea Rise is an electric mountain bike, which comes with both aluminium and carbon frames available. Plush suspension, and powerful motor assistance combine to offer a robust and enjoyable riding experience. With electric assistance on offer, riders are able to cover distance more easily, extending adventures and conserving energy for the more technical trails.

Each Rise bike embodies the “more bike, less E” philosophy: meaning less weight, less visible electric components, and a more responsive ride. You’ll notice instant response when you push the pedals, giving a ride that feels authentic and familiar.

Orbea Rise Electric Mountain Bike

How much does an Orbea Rise weigh?

Though weight will vary depending on the model and frame size, Orbea’s claims of the Rise being amongst the lightest e-MTBs are well founded.

The motor weighs in at around 2.6kg. Frames come in at around 3-4kg, and you can expect the total bike weight to be somewhere between 16.5-18.5kg.

How many watts is the Orbea Rise battery?

The Rise range includes models with 540Wh or 360Wh batteries. You can also add more power and distance with an optional 252Wh Range Extender (sold separately), which sits neatly in the bike’s bottle holder.

This modular approach lets you decide the ratio between riding weight and ride distance, rather than saddling you with a fixed configuration.

Orbea Rise Electric Mountain Bike Battery

What is the range of an Orbea Rise?

The Orbea website claims that “Rise delivers approximately 50% more riding than a traditional eBike,” but this claim is light on the numbers. We took a look at ride reports from mountain bike forums, to find some real-world results:

  • Hb70 over at the singletrackworld forums reported “22 miles and 1,000m of climbing with 60% battery left after always climbing on full boost”
  • Stanley, another forum user, reports “70+ kilometres and 1,500+ metres of climbing out of a single charge, mainly using boost on the climbs and eco on the flats”

Bear in mind these numbers are only illustrative: the models used by these riders may vary from those on sale, and your riding style will play a role in determining the range you can expect.

How much does the Orbea Rise Range Extender weigh?

The Range Extender weighs in at a very reasonable 1.4kg, including the Extender itself and all the bits required to mount it to the frame.

What is the maximum weight for the rider and Orbea Rise?

The Orbea Rise can support a maximum combined rider and kit weight of 130kg.

Orbea Rise Electric Mountain Bike Rider and Bike

Is an Orbea Rise e-MTB worth it?

A common question is whether this type of bike is “worth it,” and the answers rightly focus on your use case. If you enjoy hitting the trails but find yourself struggling up hills or running out of energy earlier than you want to on a long day, the assistance offered by an electric mountain bike aligns very nicely with your use case.

The ability to change between assist levels gives you flexibility in selecting the assistance that best suits the terrain, your energy levels, and your battery life. This is an appealing factor for many people who choose an e-MTB, as it lets you tailor your ride in real time.

To better understand if an e-MTB is the right choice for you, speak to our team.

Does the Orbea Rise have a carbon frame?

The Rise range includes both aluminium and carbon frames, with the latter being available on higher spec models. You’ll need to check the information for the model/s you’re interested in, or filter by frame material on our Orbea Rise page.

Orbea Rise Mountain Bike Frame

Is the Orbea Rise tubeless ready?

All Orbea Rise bikes are tubeless ready, meaning you can switch out the inner tubes and reduce any worry about punctures from your ride.

Find out more about the Orbea Rise

The Orbea Rise is an electric mountain bike built around the philosophy of keeping weight to a minimum and crafting an authentic riding style. The bike has proved popular amongst MTB riders across the board, and is a good choice for beginners and pros alike.

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