Cannondale SuperSix EVO Disc Road Bike

An Introduction to Gen 4

Over the course of 50 years Cannondale has been pioneers when it comes to road bike design, picking up numerous awards in the media and taking some of the world’s best professional cyclists to historic victories both on and off road. One bike that has significantly shaped the brand’s direction on the road is the SuperSix and more recently the SuperSix EVO. For 2023 the designers and engineers have launched a truly sensational iteration, the fourth generation of the SuperSix EVO.

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Cannondale SuperSix EVO Road Bike 2012

The history of the SuperSix

The SuperSix began life as a high-performance road bike that pushed the boundaries when it came to frame design, the use of carbon fibre and aerodynamics. As technology and the sport developed so did the SuperSix, with versions following that featured disc brakes and embraced a more rider focused ethos. Not just catering to the need for speed, the Cannondale team also paid close attention to the comfort of the bike and the fun factor. EVO stands for ‘evolution’ and Cannondale has, from the very first SuperSix, been focused on evolving and optimising the range to deliver a better end product for the consumer.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO HI-MOD 1 Disc Road Bike

What is new about the SuperSix EVO 4?

When the third generation of the SuperSix EVO launched over four years ago it caused quite the stir. Providing the rider with the most comfortable ride yet, while becoming one of the most impressive performance road bikes in the windtunnel. The challenge of creating a bike superior to this was a serious task and one the team from Cannondale embraced with both hands.

The team approached the frame, fork, handlebar, wheels and seatpost as a complete system and the result was an even faster bike in the windtunnel and a more engaging one on the road. It did this while still maintaining the market leading levels of comfort the SuperSix EVO prides itself on.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71 Disc Road Bike Frame

The Frame

A performance road bike needs to be just that; performance-focused and weight plays a big part in making a bike fast. The SuperSix family has always been known for its industry-leading figures when it comes to being one of the lightest bikes in the peloton and the latest iteration only strengthens this statement. The SuperSix EVO 4 frame in a painted, build-ready, 56cm size, in its LAB71 guise, weighs a scant 770 grams. It achieves this while also surpassing Cannondale’s strength and stiffness tests, an engineering feat that is quite something to behold. This reduction in weight has not come at the cost of aerodynamics though, with the new systemised model shaving 12 watts off Cannondale’s last generation SuperSix EVO at 45 km/h.

Matt Stephens On Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod 1 Disc Road Bike Clipped In

The Carbon construction frame in a 56cm size weighs in at 915 grams for the frame while Hi-MOD, the carbon fibre of choice for much of the SuperSix EVO range, tips the scales at approx 800 grams in a 56cm size. The introduction of a new top-tier Series 0 carbon fibre has been reserved exclusively for this LAB71 model. Series 0 combines a special carbon fibre with a nano-resin layup, with the finished result being an exceptionally strong and stiff frame. The properties of Series 0 means less material is required and as such results in a lighter frame.

Cannondale Systembar r-one handlebar

The Cockpit

System integration was a real headline for the third generation of the SuperSix EVO, with aesthetics and aerodynamics being two areas carefully considered. For this latest iteration, Cannondale has gone a step further and entrusted the services and experience of automotive cockpit experts, MOMODesign. Included on the LAB71 and Hi-MOD 1 models, the SystemBar R-One is a thing of beauty. Not just looking good, the sleek design is also incredibly aerodynamic and allows full cable integration, while providing the rider with the perfect ergonomic position to control their bike from.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71 Road Bike Seatpost

Seatpost and Di2 Battery Placement

Cannondale has further refined their carbon seatpost for the generation 4 version of the SuperSix EVO. Now with a narrower profile, this has been designed to further reduce the overall drag of the bike. The narrowing of the seatpost has meant that for Shimano Di2 equipped bikes the battery placement has moved from inside the seatpost to inside the bottom of the downtube. This makes accessing and removing the battery a much simpler process, ideal should you wish to take your bike on an aeroplane.

Hollowgram 50 R-SL Wheelset


Not just stopping at the frame and cockpit, Cannondale has developed one of the fastest performance road sets of hoops, in the form of the Hollowgram R-SL 50 Wheelset which can be found on the higher specced SuperSix EVOs as standard. A 50 millimetre deep carbon fibre, super low drag, rim has been paired with bladed spokes and DT-Swiss 240 EXP rear hub internals to provide a set of wheels that are just as at home in the hills as cutting through the wind on the flat.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1 Disc Road Bike Tyre Clearance

Living with the Cannondale SuperSix EVO 4

Whether it is owning a Ferrari, a Tag Heuer watch or Ducati motorbike, living with a high performance product is not much fun if it is not backed up with practical features to ensure you can get the most out of it. The team at Cannondale has addressed the practicality box when it comes to the tyre clearance. The SuperSix EVO allows for 30mm wide tyres (with over 6mm of clearance on either side). As well as this the new SuperSix EVO embraces the threaded BSA bottom bracket standard, making it even more versatile and giving the rider options to fit their preferred crankset.

Cannondale ReGrip Aero Cage and Gripper Aero Bottle

Hydration can, by some, be seen as a bit of an afterthought for bike manufacturers but Cannondale has put it firmly on the radar when designing their new SuperSix EVO. Say hello to the new ReGrip Aero cage and Gripper Aero bottle. Not just any bottle and cage setup, the streamlined profile of the two products actually makes the bike faster overall. Want to swap the specially shaped bottles out for a traditional round bottle? You can, as the cage accommodates both Gripper Aero bottles as well as standard options.

Matt Stephens Riding a Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1 Disc Road Bike

Who is the SuperSix EVO 4 for and should you buy one?

The SuperSix EVO 4 is for those that want to go faster…everywhere. For days in the hills and mornings hurtling down fast-flowing lanes, the SuperSix EVO 4 surpasses expectations and provides the rider with the complete package, delivering the finest elements, from wheel to handlebar, frame to seatpost. If you are looking for one road bike that can do it all you will be hard pushed to go wrong with the Cannondale SuperSix EVO 4.

A SuperSix EVO for all, the range caters for a wide spectrum of budgets, needs and goals, so whether you are looking for your first carbon fibre road bike or that exclusive, one-of-a-kind machine Cannondale has just the ticket.

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