Coffee and Cycling go hand in hand. Join us for a look at Sigma Sports's latest arrival - TrueStart Performance Coffee, a caffeine controlled coffee capable of delivering the perfect pre-ride boost.

Fueling up with too much coffee can lead to a number of problems such as an upset stomach, increased heart rate and heart palpitations, all followed by the inevitable caffeine crash. Don’t leave it to chance when you head out on your next ride; TrueStart coffee provides the optimum level of caffeine you need to perform, without the nasty side effects.

If you’ve ever trained for an event, you know sticking to your schedule can sometimes be tiresome. Early morning rides before work followed by stretching, eating correctly, and even heading into the gym - the fun starts to get sucked out of it, and you wonder if you should even go ahead with the event. Well, this is the reason behind how TrueStart came to be.

TrueStart Coffee

“We wanted TrueStart to be a no brainer - completely clean, free from synthetics, ethically sourced, convenient and great tasting. We spent a long time making sure it was all of those things before finally launching in May 2015.”

Whilst training for IronMan 70.3 Pescara, founders Simon and Helena were using coffee as not just a performance enhancer, but as an early morning pick me up - however, they found problems. Helena started to develop heart palpitations due to not knowing just how much caffeine she was consuming.

Research into the roasting process of coffee beans indicated that caffeine content drastically fluctuated depending on the brand, and through the process of freezing and packaging, this was further enhanced. “We started to look into what the caffeine levels are in coffee and found out about the massive variation from cup to cup. We honestly could not believe it! It did explain the random effects though. The unpredictable caffeine doesn't matter if you’re in a coffee shop, but it's useless when you’re training. We had this idea for reliably caffeinated coffee designed specifically for sports performance, so you have the confidence to go out there and smash your training session or race. People really loved the concept and we just had to make it happen.”

TrueStart Coffee

What makes TrueStart different?

It’s not just the eye catchingly cool logo and high-quality packaging that sets TrueStart well above the rest of the coffee market, believe us. Using their very own trade secret, TrueStartCaffeine Control™ Technology, TrueStart are able to completely track the level of caffeine in every serving of their coffee.

TrueStart Coffee Pouch Rear

The actual coffee behind TrueStart Performance Coffee took 14 months of research, development and testing before release to the public. It’s now sourced from Columbia, and comes specifically from the Colombian Arabica bean which are hand-picked at high-altitude for their distinctive, beautifully balanced aroma, enlivening flavour and delicious nutty undertones.

Through this sustainable sourcing, the Arabica bean is completely clean, free from synthetics, great tasting and convenient - plus it works with hot or cold water for versatility when you’re in a rush.

TrueStart Coffee Contents

Why coffee? Why can’t I just eat my energy gels and flapjacks?

We’re not trying to wriggle you away from your love of energy gels, chews, bars, rice bars or even everyone's favourite: flapjacks - but coffee holds some distinctive benefits over synthetically produced nutrition. According to the Authority Nutrition, there are a few main advantages of drinking coffee, which can:

  • Improve energy levels and boost cognitive function
  • Help you burn fat
  • Improve your nutrient intake due to the levels of essential nutrients in coffee, such as Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium and Niacin
  • Lower your risk of Type II Diabetes
  • Increase your antioxidant intake due to the incredibly high-levels of antioxidants with the coffee beans, especially organic coffee that has no artificial flavours

TrueStart Performance Coffee is available online and to Reserve & Collect in-store.